Which is it – a perogy — or perogi or pierogi or pyrohy - does it matter - be sure to order a plate full - that community needs all the help it can get

By Staff

March 20th, 2022



Which is it – a perogy — or perogi or pierogi or pyrohy — seems to depend on which part of Canada you live in.

The Ukrainians who live in Burlington are holding a Take Out sale of Perogy and sausage on Friday, March 25th; an event sponsored by the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada as a fund raiser for humanitarian relief in that war torn country.

In Western Canada the making of perogies is an art form and has become something of as comfort food.

Strong opinions on the size, the filling and just how they are to be cooked is not something you want to argue with your grandmother about.

Perogies even have a patron Saint – ; a story that has a long and colourful history.

What is known is that the recipe came with the waves of eastern European immigrants around the turn of the last century.

Their arrival is part of the immigration story that took place – land was cheap and farm labour was needed at a time when Anglo-Canadian culture dominated everything. Discrimination was part of the life they lived.

During the First World War thousands were declared enemy aliens. Reports estimate that 8,000 were sent to internment camps.

Today the Ukrainians are vital parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan society.

In Burlington the Ukrainians at the Holy Protection Ukrainian Catholic Church are busy making the perogies that will be on sale.


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