Whoa, that wasn’t the deal ? The pier is part of the park and the park doesn’t open and close.


By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  June 3, 2013  It was while taking a picture of the sign the city is putting up down on the pier setting out all the things that you can and can’t do – mostly common sense stuff.

When we cropped the picture and went to put it in our photo library we noticed the line that said “Park is closed from 11 p. m. to 7 a.m.”  When did that happen?  Who made that decision?  Is someone kidding?

Ain’t that the darnedest thing you ever read – closing a park that doesn’t have a gate on it.

During a meeting this morning with Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward she said that the hours were news to her and that “well we will just have to do something about that won’t we?”

Halton police know nothing of special hours for the park – and they don’t have any special plans for policing the pier either.

While a little dated – taken May 29th – this picture shows what the entrance to the pier is going to look like. No place in this picture for any gates – so why put up a sign saying the pier is closed?

So who is going to keep people out – there are no gates.  Sounds like a dumb idea to me.

This is one of those slower weeks.  A couple of Council members are in Vancouver at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention where they are leaning on the federal government to get more funding for the infrastructure work that has to be done on our roads  and the Mayor is preparing for his short trip to Germany where he and the Economic Development people are making a presentation to an organization involved in water and how we use it.

There is a Council meeting next Monday – maybe we will learn more about the hours of operation then.

And it is said we just might learn something about the legal problems with the pier as well.

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3 comments to Whoa, that wasn’t the deal ? The pier is part of the park and the park doesn’t open and close.

  • richard mcarthur

    Contrary to your comments, this is a very good thing. Most public parts should and some do have this stipulation. The pier will be a target for unruly night time activity and graffiti. That is a sure thing. The beach strip and the small piers at the lift bridge along with; the bases to the electrical towers are always targets. Be careful what you imply. You are dead wrong on this one. I know from experience.

  • Patrick Donovan

    I’m pretty sure most city parks close at dusk. Ones that are well lit – like Spencer Smith – are open until 11pm. Doesn’t have to be enforced for it to be a rule.

    Editors note: No but if the rule is there and the [police decide to enforce it – you could be charged with trespassing while you are out for a walk on public property. The fact that it isn’t enforced doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t.

  • Laura durrant

    The beach has had a sign with hours for several years now