Will he or won't he? Dennison's participation in the ward 4 debate is far from certain.

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September 24th, 2018



"I don't want to hear anymore delegations" said Councillor Jack Dennison.

“I don’t want to hear anymore delegations” said Councillor Jack Dennison.

The question in the middle of the day is – Will Jack Dennison excuse himself from a city council meeting this evening and take part in the debate with the woman running against him for the ward 4 city council seat.

Dennison has flip flopped on participating in the debate. It was – I want to see the questions first – then he had no confidence in the people who organized the debate.

Resident at Bateman debatte

People just kept walking into the room for the ward 5 debate – three additional rows of chairs had to be set out. The ward 6 debate was just as well attended.

The more than 500 people who have attended debates for ward 5 and 6 candidates didn’t have any problems with the way the debates went.

Both are here for viewing.

Ward 5 debate

Ward 6 debate.

Stolte looking left

Shawna Stolte – ward 4 candidate for city council

Mark Carr, moderator of the debate this evening at MM Robinson high school, is going to have to get imaginative and creative to have a debate with no one else on the stage.

Shawna Stolte has been put in a very awkward situation.

It will be interesting to hear and see how she acquits herself.

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7 comments to Will he or won’t he? Dennison’s participation in the ward 4 debate is far from certain.

  • Stephen

    Not to mention having had the City defer his Cedar Springs Racketering Club taxes for 2 years so he could renovate bfr selling. I want the same consideration as a tax payer.

  • Ken oakes

    The usual Denison diversion tactic. Shawana has my support.

  • Marshall

    Jack showed up at about 7:30 after the Council meeting. Mark Carr chaired a good discussion between Jack and Shawna until just be fore 9:00 pm. Shawna was interviewed by Mark Carr from 7-7:30.

  • Bonnie

    After weeks of playing games with the organizers and the other candidate, Councillor Dennison has just announced at the council meeting this evening that he will be leaving the meeting at 7:00 p.m. to attend the debate.

    This comes after replying to my direct question in an email to him last week about attending this debate saying, ‘None of us leave council meetings early’.

    Complete disrespect for the organizers and Shawna Stolte!

  • Stephen White

    These “peek-a-boo” antics from Jack Dennison are not only highly disrespectful to Ward 4 residents and Ms. Stolte, it is also unfair to Mark Carr and the ECoB organizers who are trying to plan this event.

    Either you’re in or you’re out. Two choices. It’s really not that complicated. Pick a lane!!!