Will the city be able to get a refund? They didn't last very long

By Staff

April 1st, 2022



Trouble in paradise.

Those $10,00 Rainbow crosswalks are not faring very well.

Take a look.

Drury Lane

Plains Road

Wonder if there is a warranty on the work. Wonder too if we can get our money back.

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14 comments to Will the city be able to get a refund? They didn’t last very long

  • Brian Rose

    It appears what started out as a nice gesture became an expensive canvas for skid marks. Brings to mind the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” .. maybe buy some Rainbow flags instead?

  • Bonnie

    Although they are strong supporters of the LGBTQ community, I know there are several council members who do not support the additional rainbow crosswalks. Hopefully, we will not see more of these crosswalks appearing in the future.

  • Sam

    my partner and I moved to burlington because we felt welcomed from the police rainbow vehicles and crosswalks. we enjoy being affectionate in public in burlington thank you burlington

    • Bob

      So actions and reactions mean nothing? You moved because of the way we paint crosswalks and vehicles? Puleeze

  • Bob

    Do these multicoloured crossings even count as a crosswalk under the highway traffic act?
    As a driver how do we differentiate what is and isn’t a crosswalk?
    I thought the two white lines was a crosswalk, and the Abbey Road type was the type of crosswalk you can’t proceed until all pedestrians had cleared

  • Joe Gaetan

    Setting aside whether this was a good idea gone bad or not. As is the case with any project that entails the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. How much thought was given to how these sidewalks would stand up to Ontario weather conditions? Given that was part of the consideration, what then was the expected life-span of the rainbow sidewalks and what consideration was given to the ongoing cost of maintenance and eventual replacement? It is very unfortunate that these sidewalks have failed prematurely. So, perhaps this is the right time to conduct a full and in-depth review of this initiative.

    • Earl C.

      Excellent point. Were we not committed under the mayor’s initiative to install more of these crosswalks?

  • Mitch

    Awful. Like the new fast setting concrete sidewalks that are pitted from salt already. Does the city ever test this stuff? The Drury Lane is an absolute eyesore.

  • Philip Waggett

    More tax dollars wasted. Perhaps the Mayor and Councillors could fund such future expenditures out of their own pockets if they believe so strongly. What I find more distressing was the petty way in which one of these crosswalks was painted outside the office of the Halton Catholic School Board–“in your face” hardly is a persuasive strategy.

    I think it is very important to support the LGBTQ community, but surely there is a more constructive way to do this.

  • Scandalous, $20,000 unnecessary waste, would rather see it donated to the food bank. It always seemed to us like a pre-election vote grab……. We are still waiting to find out where the mobility scooter plug ins are for those with disabilities (and of course others) throughout the city. Will drop Councilllor Kearns a line and remind her of our invite to meet just after the election. Maybe she will be more inclined to listen to issues before the election than she was after in 2018!

    • Bob

      Instead of negativity, how about Anne giving us her take on how she would handle this if she were elected

      • Seeing as I received a special invitation from Bob, a member of the Gazette community to give my perspective – here it is. I have been clear from the beginning of the Rainbow Crosswalk discussion that it is the wrong way to show respect and understanding of the needs of the LGBTQ community. I saw it as a luxury item that was part of an election run up that mislead the LGBTQ community with a pretense that they had a special place in this community that was signified by these crosswalks. Inclusivity means we are all equal and deserve equal respect. Our inclusivity committee should be finding out what makes every part of our community feel welcome and a part of Burlington, even the average middle income family.

        You will probably find some believe that Council has devoted a huge portion ot its time and our money to downtown issues and not the city as a whole and that needs to change. Further, many believe that the Rainbow Crosswalks took precedence over tax dollars that should have been used to meet the needs of our community who are presently not getting their needs met. Included in that sector, I believe is our hard hit business sector, and especially the BIA sector who have to pay a special tax. How would I handle it now? I would pull the plug on this clearly controversial project that I believe has burned a lot of bridges instead of building them and go back to the best cross walks in terms of cost and least maintenance and never forget the lessons learnt!

      • My original answer to Bob seems to have got lost in cyberspace so I will respond again. I have never been a fan of Rainbow crosswalks because I see them as a luxury item that do nothing for the LGBTQ community they are supposed to identify with. I believe in acceptance of people not because of how they identify but because I believe we were all created, conceived or what term you choose, equal. The crosswalks have not withstood the wear from just a very short period of time and to continue with this project is I believe improper. There are too many needs in our city at this time that are not able to be met. Our businesses have been through a very tough time and there are those in our city who have to pay more taxes than is the norm becuase they are part of the BIA sector. So what would I do – pull the plug on the idea for sure, put back the crosswalks as they were intended at the best cost for materials that will withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Last but not least consider the lessons learnt and don’t repeat the mistakes identified!

  • Penny Hersh

    A total waste of taxpayer dollars. A rainbow sidewalk is not necessarily the answer for the LGBT community.

    Mutual respect and more knowledge would be more beneficial.