You can make that 13,464 into a 13,465 – just show up and CleanUp so we can all GreenUp. Praying for sunshine would be appreciated.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON. April 18, 2013.  By now you should have picked up your gloves, the bags you are going to use and know where you’re going to go to CleanUp so we can GreenUp.

 Alton Village gas six locations for people to work at in their part of town.

The Liberals seem to feel they are in a contest with the Conservatives as to how much trash they can pick up.

When it’s all over – the crowds will gather at Civic Square for a pop and a burger.  What if all 13,464  volunteers show up?  What a party – they will have to block off Brant Street for sure – maybe even a bigger crowd than Sound of Music outside City Hall.

Whatever BurlingtonGreen did to get 13,464 people out –kudo’s to them for pulling this one off.

If there are people who would still like to participate but did not register before it closed today at noon, just go ahead and do your CleanUP  using your own supplies and then send the stats and photos to BurlingtonGreen afterwards – 

Alton Village, which is creating quite a sense of itself, they’ve got their own Newsletter, they’ve got a Facebook page they use to communicate with each other more directly and they sure know how to raise funds.

Here’s their message to their community on the CleanUpGreenUp

Alton Village under constructionHey hey hey! Only 1 more day until the BIG clean up in our awesome VILLAGE!!! Grab your gloves! Grab a bag, come and meet us at one of the six locations! Bring a camera, meet new people!
Thank you to all our sponsors and greeters!
Prizes, come out and spend some time and help clean up and put your name on a ballot and you could win one of the many prizes we got!
– gift cards – Home Depot & The Keg & Bon Appetite Card
– a comfy blanket
– 1 of 2 golf shirts
– 2 movie passes
– 1 hour photo shoot
– use of a moving van
– Tea Party for you and your friends!
– grab bags with a buy 1 get 1 free from Super Swirls, and other fun stuff!
– Water and cookies will be there as well!
Wear warm clothes, bring boots some areas are muddy!
Email if you have any questions!
See you there!

The city is going to welcome the Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley for the role his department played in this year’s event.

When he gets here the Mayor is going to “commend BurlingtonGreen  for their success in leading others in the community to make meaningful contributions to the greening of our planet at the local level,” and he will extend  “a special welcome and thank you to Environment Minister Jim Bradley who is visiting Burlington on Saturday – not sure he is going to get his hands dirty but he will accept the Mayor’s thanks and that of BurlingtonGreen for the contribution from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.”

Using funds given to them by the province Burlington Green is going to plant shrubs in the Beachway community where sands shift and vegetation does not take easily to the soil.

BurlingtonGreen registered .” 8,400 in 2012. This year, BurlingtonGreen is partnering with the city and Conservation Halton to clean up Beachway Park, using a grant of nearly $25,000 from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

Minister Bradley will say on Saturday that he wants to  “Thank BurlingtonGreen volunteers for their  hard work and dedication which has transformed another Ontario shoreline into a place of pride for the community. Grassroots efforts like this ensure that the people of Ontario continue to enjoy lakes that are drinkable, swimmable and fishable.”

We hope we can solicit that Minister support when we go to the National Energy Board seeking limits on what Enbridge Pipelines can do with the 30 inch pipeline they operate that runs through the city between Sideroad  #1 and #2 – a lot of the water that runs into the lakes comes from Escarpment  creeks and streams.

The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund offers grants to grassroots community groups for activities such as cleaning up a beach or shoreline, restoring a wetland, or creating a coastal or riverside trail.

 The Beachway community is the subject of a major report from the Region and now in the hands of the politicians and the bureaucrats.  It’s a report tat is going to shakeup that portion of the city – but for the time being Ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven is happy to say that  “The residents and visitors to the Beach very much appreciate the efforts being made on their behalf” and he echoes Mayor Goldring’s thanks to our provincial environment minister and to all the volunteers who give their time and energy to help BurlingtonGreen in this collective effort.”

 BurlingtonGreen has led in the collection of more than 5,600 kilograms of litter, the sorting and recycling of more than 300 kilograms of paper and plastic and the collection of 185 kilograms of metal and 30 tires over the past few years.

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