Keep your political base happy and then look for ways to bring in those undecided voters. Halton Liberals nominate Naidoo-Harris.

By James Smith

MILTON, ON. April 25, 2013.  It was one of those events that have to take place, you really don’t want to give up your TV programs but you believe in the process so you lift yourself out of your chair and head out to the “nomination meeting”.  You know beforehand that it is going to be uncontested – so why bother>

Is there an election in the air?  Might be. Has your candidate got a hope in Hades?  Actually, in Milton, Indira Naidoo-Harris, has a hope, so maybe this is an evening for me to get out and be part of the process.

The event was the Halton Provincial Liberal Association and they are a little on the pumped side.  Something in the order of 65 to 70 Liberals showed up to confirm the acceptance of the uncontested nomination by Ms Naidoo-Harris who was introduced by former Peterson era MPP and long-time resident of Milton, Walt Elliot, a very enthusiastic, energetic 80-year-old.

Eliot told the room he’s very optimistic of Ms Naidoo-Harris’ chances in the next election. Part of Walt’s optimism is based on having a returning candidate, good fundraising efforts and over 600 members in the association.

Indira Naidoo-Harris accepting the Halton Liberal nomination.  Association has 600 paid up members.

That Naidoo-Harris wasn’t all that far behind the winner last time out has to be laid beside the fact that the Liberal prior to her did better than she did.  

In 2006 there were five candidates: Ted Chudleigh got 42.58% of the vote, the Liberal candidate picked up 40.96 % That’s tight.

In 2011 Chudleigh got 44.4 % and the Liberal candidate, Indira Naidoo-Harris, got 39.1 – Chudleigh, the Progressive Conservative member had a little more room to breathe. 

Ted Chudleigh on the left has been a provincial member since 1995 – he will leave when he chooses to leave.

The Liberals feel they have more strength on the ground this time around.  Tough to go up against an established incumbent.  A lot will depend on the changes in the ethnic make-up of Milton and what the Liberals can do to get out their vote.  It would be a serious mistake to underestimate Ted Chudleigh. He hasn’t done anything to distinguish himself – except win election after election – which in that game is all that counts.  Chudleigh will leave when he is ready to leave and it won’t be because he lost the election.

In accepting the nomination, Ms Naidoo-Harris  said she looks forward to a second chance to run against Ted Chudleigh who has held the seat since 1995.  

Ms Naidoo-Harris,  who was born in apartheid  South Africa, said she was humbled by the support shown her by the people of the Halton Riding. She observed that in her many years living here, the riding has changed and the diversity of this growing community was reflected in the room. Ms Naidoo-Harris feels Halton needs a new face and  fresh ideas to speak for the needs of the people the growing Halton riding.

Ms Naidoo-Harris pointed out that without the support of the Liberal government at Queens Park and the work of Liberal MPPs like Oakville’s Kevin Flynn, who was also in attendance,   Halton would not be opening a new hospital in 2015, rebuilding Joseph Brant  and tripling in size the Hospital in Milton, set to open in 20170.  She went on to say she looks forward to working to bring funds needed to Milton to help develop a new Laurier University campus planned for Tremaine Road.

MPP Kevin Flynn, Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Transportation Glen Murray, brought greetings and congratulations from Premier Kathleen Wynne.  Flynn went on to say that Ms Naidoo-Harris is not only a good choice for the Liberals in Halton but that she represents a clear choice to the voters of Halton. A choice, Mr Flynn said, between someone who will work for the needs of the growing population of Halton or someone who doesn’t support the needs of the people of Halton. As an example Flynn cited the fact that Halton MPP  Ted Chudleigh  voted against both the new hospital in Oakville and the upgrades to Joseph Brant in Burlington and the upgrade to the Milton Hospital.

Flynn concluded by telling the meeting that while the NDP are at least negotiating and making an attempt to make the Ontario Legislature work, the Progressive Conservatives are simply stalling the work of the legislature.

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