Your Guide to the Most Popular Sports Betting Options

By Maria Gracious

July 12th, 2022



Before you start betting on sports, it’s critical to understand the most frequent bet kinds offered by oddsmakers. It’s amazing how many individuals wager on sports without recognizing what they’re doing or just don’t care.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the key bets available from the bookmakers.

Understand the most frequent bet kinds offered by oddsmakers.

Point Spread
Point Spreads betting is the most prevalent type of gambling for most sports bettors, commonly known as handicap betting. Point spread wagering is well-known among football bettors, but it’s also a popular technique of gambling on basketball. In most sports, the home team is listed second, while the away team is listed first.

Because it’s so simple, point spread betting is popular. For newbie bettors, the easiest way to grasp it is to add or subtract the point spread from their team’s score. If you bet on the underdog, then add to the point spread, and subtract points if you bet on the favorite. You win the bet by covering the point spread after doing your math.

Totals, commonly known as under/over bets, are the same throughout most betting markets, irrespective of which sport it is. The idea is straightforward. The bookmakers estimate the total amount of points achieved in a given game, and bettors can gamble on an amount under or over that figure.

Also, remember that the total includes all points scored in a game, not just those scored in normal time. Extra points are added to the total if a game goes into overtime.

Moneylines are the simplest form of betting. Moneyline wagers, also known as win betting or line bets in various areas of the world, don’t include any form of point spreads. When betting on Moneylines, gamblers are betting on the contest’s winner. There’s no point differential.

Futures, often known as outright bets, are wagers placed on events that occur weeks or months later. However, they can be gambled on for a shorter duration until the event is determined. Future markets, unlike point spreads or total wagering, can’t push. Bettors either win or lose their wager. The most prevalent future bets are based on big sports championships.

Many online bookmakers refer to propositions, as props for short. Props are marketplaces that are unrelated to the game’s final conclusion or score. They’re point spread and total derivatives that act as a game inside a game for gamblers. Originally, they were just novelty wagers, but they’re now available regularly for several sports.

Props are classified into two types: player props and team props. “Who will score first?” is one of the most wagered on prop bets, although the prop bet markets available for bettors to choose from are extensive. Many prop bets on various sporting events are available at several sportsbooks. It’s up to the oddsmakers’ creativity, but proposition markets provide an infinite number of possibilities.

Final Words
One of the major advantages of online sports betting is the diversity of betting possibilities accessible. The betting options mentioned above are only a tiny part of the oddsmakers’ wagering arsenal. However, it’s advised that beginner bettors stick to them before moving on to more intricate and advanced bet types.

There’s a lot of value to be discovered in the markets mentioned above. If you line up your bets correctly, you should have no trouble starting your online sports betting journey while following our guide.

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