$1.39 million for a townhouse - comes with two car garage.

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June 6th, 2018



If you thought the million dollar plus homes were all going to be in the downtown core – cast your eyes east and take a look at what the ADI Development group has planned for a property close to the upgraded Burloak Waterfront Park

They are now marketing “an exclusive, private enclave of six luxurious, London manor inspired townhomes on the prestigious Lakeshore Road across from Lake Ontario and Burloak Waterfront Park.”

362-parview“Hear the sounds of the calming waves while you breathe in the Lakefront breeze. Soak in the serenity while relaxing on your rooftop terrace, whether you are entertaining friends, or enjoying a good book and a glass of wine while your skin soaks in the warmth of the sun.”

For $1.39 million they are offering 2 and 3-bedroom plans with 2 car garages and exquisite, luxe finishes. That $139 million is the starting point.

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3 comments to $1.39 million for a townhouse – comes with two car garage.

  • Steve D

    Does the “calming” traffic jam in front of your townhouse drown out the waves?

  • Maggie

    It doesn’t mention the square footage. I’m not familiar with the exact site as I haven’t been that way in a while but it wouldn’t surprise me if the ADI group was planning to cram these six houses into a lot smaller than mine here in Aldershot. Probably less square footage in the home too. My home is not cheap but I couldn’t get $1.39 million for it. True I don’t have luxe finishes and calming waves but I have space for a garden and to play. Although I am close to the lake I will never have calming waves but the luxe finishes(at least the ones I actually want) will come in time as I upgrade my home. I’ll take my home here over one of these townhomes any day. As I write this I am on a beautiful back deck with birds singing in the tall mature trees. The sun is shining. As it is still early in the day I have been drinking tea but a glass of wine or beer will come later. I can understand if people don’t want the amount of yard work that comes with a lot my size but I really don’t get paying $1.39 million for, as Stephen White called it, a postage stamp.

  • Stephen White

    You have to love real estate developers! They are such past masters of marketing hype and hyperbole. Shoe-horning six townhouses onto a postage stamp sized property and then marketing it with such hackneyed advertising cliches such as “luxe finishes” and “calming waves’ takes moxy and chutzpah.

    BTW…prospective buyers can purchase an older, single unit family home on a decent sized lot in the surrounding area for less than a million. Sadly, they don’t come with “luxe finishes”, or have “calming waves” at your feet or permit “soaking in the serenity”. Mind you, you can probably still enjoy a good book and a glass of wine in your backyard and soak in the warmth of the sun. You also get to do with with a little space between you and your neighbours.