14 weapons seized from a male arrested under a Mental Health warrant

oakville gun 2 ammo

Ammunition recovered with 14 rifles in an Oakville incident.

Crime 100By Staff

May 8th, 2020



Sometime after the noon hour on May 1st, the Halton Regional Police Service received a call regarding a male barricaded in a home, possibly with weapons, on Honeyvale Road in Oakville.

The call originated from someone concerned about social media posts they had seen online.

Frontline officers, TAC, K9, and negotiators were deployed to the scene with the goal of bringing this to a safe conclusion.

Roads were closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the immediate area and adjacent homeowners were instructed by officers to shelter in place in their basements until the situation was resolved.

During negotiations, a second party (female) exited the home unharmed and negotiations continued unsuccessfully with the male party.

Officers then received information that escalated our concern for the male, and entry was made into the home at which time the male was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and transported to a local hospital for assessment.

Upon his release from hospital on May 7, 2020 he was subsequently charged with the following Criminal Code offences:

-Uttering Threats to Cause Death
-Mischief Over $5000

A Criminal Code search warrant was executed at the residence of the accused, resulting in the seizure of 14 guns and over 10000 rounds of ammunition.

Oakviille gun 1

None of these weapons are covered by the recent federal government ban announcement.

Oakville guns lastThe accused has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.

The Halton Regional Police Service will not be releasing the name of the accused.

Anyone with further information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Det. Ryan Smith of the 2 District Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 ext. 2219.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously to Crime Stoppers “See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca.

This might be seen as just another dangerous police action that was worked out – until you see the picture of the weapons retrieved and recalling the terrible tragedy in Nova Scotia very recently where 22 people were killed.

The federal government decision to ban certain types of weapons doesn’t include most of the weapons in the picture that accompany this article.

Our view – ban all guns.

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5 comments to 14 weapons seized from a male arrested under a Mental Health warrant

  • Alfred

    I think it would be helpful for staff to elaborate on their position to ban all guns. It has been quite evident through out history that those without guns always lose and those with guns always win. We live next to the USA. the most heavily armed country in the world. That has occupied most parts of the world at one time. Our government thinks it’s good idea to disarm Canadians? Why not give Trump the keys to our country. What would happen if they decided not to be our friends anymore? We could throw donuts at them? We are surrounded by lions and this Goverment wants to turn us into sheep. Shame on any Government official that would take away our right to defend ourselves. Not jjust our produce and livestock.

  • Mark Wilson

    Start a fire, blame the matches ?
    Someone gets stabbed, blame the knife ?
    Run over a crowd of people, blame the car ?
    No in all cases
    Someone gets shot, blame the gun…yes
    How does it make sense to put the blame on guns but not other things that are used to kill people ?

  • Luke

    That was pretty slick how your “Staff” slipped your “Opinion” in on the last line.
    You should have a word with “Staff” who are claiming to report the news and delivering Opinion instead.
    Banning guns might be almost as successful as banning Idiocy.
    Should Farmers have to resort to throwing rocks at vermin and predators to protect produce and livestock?

  • alfred


    What difference does it make. How he got the guns? There is a lot more to this story. If these guns were illegal and he wasn’t licensed he would have been justifiably charged with numerous gun related offences. It appears he was not. Is this man a danger to society? If yes he should not be released on bail. This catch and release system is frustrating for our police officers.Now on the other hand was this an overreaction by the authorities. Tough call with the info. provided.

  • Yves Isabelle

    The real question is, how did he get the guns. Were they registered, was he licenced? Banning guns merely gives the uniformed a false sense of security, all the while it does nothing to take them out of the hands of gangs and criminals.