Men step up to the ball: drive home $55,000 for hospital foundation.

November 28, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  It was a natural!  With a men`s clothing store and a golf  tournament – you can just imagine how wild the guys are going to get with those brightly coloured trousers.

Scrivener’s and Jeff’s Guy Shop organized a golf tournament that raised $55,000 for the hospital. This was their 3rd tournament.

Women can wear bright colourful clothing almost any time they wish – men get stuck with the blue suit – with stripes if you think you`re really important, and maybe a snappy tie, but that`s about it for the guy side.

Mix in a golf tournament fund-raiser for the hospital – and you add another $55,000 to the $60 million the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation has to come up with. 

Scrivener`s, the more sedate side of clothing men and Jeff`s GuyShop have raised a total of $135,000 during the three annual golf tournaments they have sponsored.

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