35×3 – translates into the number of regional artists involved in the Art Centre 35th anniversary auction.

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BURLINGTON, ON  January 30th, 2013  The Burlington Art Centre (BAC) appears to be going all out to raise funds and promote the work of regional artists.

They are holding three different auctions that involve 105 Canadians artists.

A Yukon Indian fishing creel done by K. Crowder.

One of the auctions is a live event that takes place on February 8th at 8:30 pm.  Reception before the bidding begins.  A couple of glasses of wine should goose up some of the bids.

The second is a silent auction that runs from the 6th to the 8th of February.

And the third is an on-line auction.  This is the first time the Art Centre has auctioned art on-line.  We set out below some of the questions – with answers – you might have.  It can be kind of fun to look for an item you like and watch the bidding climb.

Bless your wee cotton socks; a delightful folk art ceramic by S. Merritt.

Each auction will offer 35 pieces – tying into the 35th anniversary of the Art Centre.

The on-line auction has already begun and will continue to February 7th.  Slip over to the BAC website, register  and begin looking at what has been put up for auction.

Doors will close on the silent auction and live previews at 5 pm on February 8. The pre-auction reception open to anyone with a ticket starts at 6 pm and offers a final chance to bid on silent auction items, while mingling and enjoying a drink and hors d’oeuvres before the live auction.

You’ll need a $40 ticket that lets you take part in both the silent and live auctions.  That ticket gets you into a reception prior to the live auction on February 8.

The online auction at theBAC.ca/35online is ongoing until February 7 and already has bidding wars. Register now and join in.

Tickets can be purchased online at theBAC.ca/auction, by calling 905-632-7796, ext. 326, or at the Art Centre ,  1333 Lakeshore Road in Burlington.

The Art Auction is a fundraiser for the Burlington Art Centre Foundation, in support of BAC programs.

Photographs are courtesy of the Burlington Art Centre and copyright is held by the artist.  Seek their permission before using please.

How do I place a bid?

To place a bid, you must first be logged into your account. Once logged in, simply select ‘Start Bidding Now from your Account Profile or go to the Auction Items page. Click on the auction item you are interested in to see the full description and bidding box. Place your bid and optional comment and hit the button ‘Place Bid’.

The BAC has the best collection of Canadian ceramics in North America.This bowl by Scott Barnim comes out of that tradition.

How does the bidding Process work?

By placing a bid, you are committing to this amount and the actual amount displays immediately. The system does not use a maximum bid feature (like eBay), where a bidder enters the maximum amount they wish to spend and the system bids incrementally on their behalf until reaching that maximum. This means you need to monitor your bids. This is easy to do, as you are notified by email each time you are outbid.

What is the Bid Increment?

The Bid Increment signifies that the next bid placed must increase the current bid by a specific amount. For example, if an item is currently at $100 and the Bid Increment is $25, the next bid must be at least $125.

B Darcy is offering this painting: Harvest time

Will  I get email confirmation messages during the auction?     

Yes! We will send you an email when you have been outbid. Auction emails will come from do-not-reply@dojiggy.com so please add this email address to your “acceptable email list” to help avoid spam filters.

Can I delete a bid?

If you accidentally place a bid, please contact your auction administrator.

How I change my password or other account information?

By logging in to your account, you will be able to:

  • Update your profile (including editing your email, address and phone)
  • Change your password
  • Review your Bid History
  • Donate an item for the auction

What technology do I need? What browsers are supported?

Please see our requirements page at: https://www.dojiggy.com/app/services/requirements.cfm

** If you have any questions about specific auction items or the organization holding the auction, please contact the auction administrator directly. **

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