40 km/h set as the limit for dozens of streets. Would they dare do this in an election year?

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April 21st, 2020



The rate at which you drive down some streets is about to change.

If council supports the schedule set out below – learn to lighten the foot on that gas pedal.

speed 1
speed 2

Burlington residents don’t take lightly to being pulled over when they are caught on hand held radar in the hands of a police officer.

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9 comments to 40 km/h set as the limit for dozens of streets. Would they dare do this in an election year?

  • Dan

    Utterly ridiculous. When was the last time a pedestrian was struck and killed / injured? How much is this solution to a non-existent problem costing Trax payers?

    • Dan

      And to those espousing photo radar – this is taxation without representation, plain and simple.

    • Rob Allan

      Totally agree. This unnecessary and another form of tax. The real issue is the noisy motorcyclists and drivers who race their cars all over town.

  • Steve.

    This should really cut down on the legions of pedestrians killed by cars on Burlington’s secondary streets. How many in the last 10 years?

  • Carol Gottlob

    I agree. Fifty should be the new 40! We talk about slowing down in our lives, but never do. Now if someone could just talk to those dragsters on Walkers Line and on New Street!

  • Steve G.

    It is true. In so many areas of Burlington, going the speed limit leads to receiving road rage from other drivers. Aggressive passing and gestures of violence. Worse with the “coming home from work crowd”. I wasn’t a fan of photo radar when it first came out. But seems the only practical solution now.

  • Trevor Williams

    Only two things change behaviour with driving infringements and any other type of wrongdoing.

    The probability of being caught, and the severity of the penalty. Both must be present. Drunk driving penalties are steep but the probability of being caught is minimal, so drunk driving is still a huge problem.

    Same with speeding and other forms of irresponsible driving. Cameras or car monitors plus step fines/jail will solve the problem in a heartbeat.

    The technology is now cheap and available, it just takes the political will.

  • Steve W

    Unfortunately 40 km / hr speed limits are virtually unenforceable. We have it on our street from a few years ago and I rarely if ever see cars going the speed limit. I regularly travel Prospect and actually go the speed limit because I know Prospect has speed traps frequently. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been honked and passed by other cars going much faster than 40-50 km an hour. The only way speed limits work, is if there is photo radar everywhere or car monitors report excessive speeds and incur automatic fines. The technology exists for each street to communicate with your car to regulate and report your speed. Otherwise speed limits are just a suggestion.

  • Albert

    Good, Make all the residential streets 40k, just like streets with parks and schools are now