76% of quick check children’s car seat inspections fail. Wow! – these are your children.

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April 25, 2016


On Saturday, April 16th, 2016 Halton Police, in partnership with the Halton Partners for Car Seat Safety (HPCSS), held a spot check car seat clinic in Burlington at Holy Rosary School.

A total of 113 child seats (booster seats and car seats) were inspected to see if five key safety and legal requirements were being met. Of the 74 car seats checked, 56 did not pass this ‘quick check’ inspection resulting in a 76% fail rate.

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The picture is for illustration purposes only – it is not meant to suggest that the seat is being recommended.

The goal of these spot check clinics is education. Eighteen certified car seat technicians were on hand to educate and assist parents/caregivers in correcting errors once they were identified.

Research tells us that proper use of a child seat can reduce the likelihood of a child being killed or seriously injured in a crash by up to 75%. The most common errors seen at the clinic in Burlington were:

1. Child not in the proper seat for their age and/or stage
2. No tether strap attached for forward-facing car seats
3. Harness not positioned correctly over child’s shoulders and/or too loose and
4. Car seat not attached tightly to the vehicle using the Universal Anchorage System (UAS) or seat belt.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to take the time to read and follow their child seat and vehicle instructions when installing their child seats. For further information on car seat safety dial 311 to speak with a public health nurse or visit www.haltonparents.ca or www.hpcss.ca.

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