A branding makeover by one of the best in the business – open to anyone prepared to go before a panel of marketing practitioners.

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BURLINGTON, ON   April 18, 2012      Look upon it as Burlington’ version of the Dragon’s Den – the prize, or the investment in your company,  is a $2000 creative branding package to be done by one of the best branders in the business.

Gerry Visca runs creative workshops – he refers to them as TANKS .  The next one, at which you will be inspired, get ignited and be with fellow entrepreneurs enjoying cocktails and great people, takes place April 26th.

What Gerry Visca does is inspire. He does move a room and there are people out thee who swear by the changes he has made in their lives.

Twenty bucks gets you in the door.  That sounds like a pretty good deal – it’s happening at 3310 South Service Road Suite 300, The Coffee Office, 6:00 – 9:00pm.  You have to register with Visca beforehand – he needs to know how much hooch he has to bring in.

Visca swears it’s going to be a blast – a Dragon’s Den style night with entrepreneurs pitching to a panel of my brand ambassadors.

Just listening to Gerry Visca talk about branding and how you can make it work for you is worth the $20.

Here is the way Visca explains his event:  Every last Thursday of the month – Canada’s Creative Coach Gerry Visca hosts an exclusive event series known as [Thursday TANKS]. These consistent events are Gerry Visca’s creative vehicle to connecting recently ignited entrepreneurs with the world. It also provides individuals access to one of Canada’s Top Inspirational Speakers. “These are inspirational and intimate get social gatherings that allow people to connect in a very meaningful way” notes Visca. Gerry Visca is a master at helping people be ‘in-spirit’ with their life purpose. He connects like-minded people at his Thursday TANKS in a ‘fun, high-energy and thought provoking way’. Gerry Visca typically highlights several recently ignited entrepreneurs providing them with a platform to showcase their intentions/creations. Thursday TANKS also include one of Gerry Visca’s 10 Creative Laws/Teachings – a question is tabled to each delegate and facilitated by one of Gerry Visca’s brand ambassadors who have become quite skilled at working within the group.



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