A chance to take in the Performing Arts Centre Red Carpet Opening on Cogeco cable.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  December 8, 2011  If you missed the Opening Gala of the Burlington Performing Arts Centre last Saturday – and if your allowance was on the small side, the $400. ticket was beyond you – there is still a chance for you to see the swishy folks tippling fine wine and schmoozing like crazy.

Cogeco Cable was all over the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Red Carpet opening. They will rebroadcast for those who missed the live event.

It was a wonderful evening – the Family Room had a blue glow and there was the buzz of a crowd that is having fun and enjoying themselves.

Cogeco Cable television has five cameras on site and a staff of 14 manning the equipment with their mobile parked outside the building to take the event live.

If you want to watch the event – here are the re-broadcast dates:

December 18, 5:30pm

December 25, 5:30pm

December 27, 10pm

December 29, 8:30pm

Worth taking in – the folks at the Centre really know how to put on a show.  All they need to do now is to develop the audience; they certainly got off to a good start.  And with several SOLD OUT shows in the schedule all the ingredients seem to be in place for a successful operation.  Take that Hamilton!

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