A decidedly different approach to fund raising - tell me who you know.

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June 8th, 2017



This is a decidedly different approach to fund raising – one that follow the “who you know” rule.
Trevor Copp put on a wonderful production of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Royal Botanical Gardens last summer.

It was the most enterprising event in last summer’s cultural event season.

Like anything to do with culture – there was money to be raised.

Midsummer - cast and audience

Midsummer at the RBG

Copp explains: “We are trying to raise money to make our summer production of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ happen.”

“Wait” he cautions – “don’t glaze over yet: we aren’t asking for money. We are asking for names. We have this whole corporate campaign on the go – great acknowledgement for these great businesses to the thousands who come out this summer.

“We have the charity status. We have the great cause. We have the list of key corporations to approach. We just don’t know who exactly to connect to – and that’s the key. So: do you know decision makers from this list you could introduce us to?

Trevor Copp, founder of Tottering Biped Theatre and one of the partners planning on holding a Film Festival in Burlington.

Trevor Copp, founder of Tottering Biped Theatre wants as much contact information from you as possible.

1. Banks: TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank
2. Tim Hortons
3. Pizza Pizza
4.Burlington Hyundai
5. Lexus of Oakville
6. Theatre Aquarius
7. Downtown Hamilton
8. Burlington Downtown
9. Schlegel Villages
10. ArcelorMittal
11. Investors Group
12. Hamilton Cleaners
13. Stresscrete Group
14. Effort Trust
15. Budds’ BMW Hamilton
16. Turkstra Lumber Hamilton
17. Burlington Hydro

Roll out your Rolodex and see who you know – and pass the names and the contact detail to Copp. He will be eternally grateful.

The production last year overcame one difficulty after another – but the show usually went on – and it was a production worth seeing.

This summer – at the RBG – outdoors – in August.

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