A fourth GO station for Burlington? It is in the works.

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September 24, 2015


A fourth GO station for Burlington? It is in the works.

Metrolinx has identified the area between Walkers Line and Cumberland as one of a number of areas on the Lakeshore \West corridor that are under consideration

GO train

A fourth GO station for Burlington – near Walkers Line?

Metrolinx plans to hold municipal meetings in the fall o gather local knowledge of the specific sites and provide background to stakeholders.  Public meetings will follow.

Metrolinx clearly understands there is a need for an additional GO station capacity. Where do they get their information?

In a statement Metrolinx said they “identified station sites based on station spacing, transportation connectivity and ridership, available space for a station along with technical and operational concerns.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Goldring would like to know when Metrolinx will complete the work they started at the Burlington GO station. The Molinaro people may well have their five structure project next to the Burlington GO station built and occupied before all the GO station upgrades are done.

The key words in the Metrolinx announcement were “transportation connectivity”. The city needs to find a way to get people to use transit to get to the GO stations – they’ve yet to come up with an idea the public will buy into.

There is a serious need for some creative thinking and more in the way of public education – what we are doing now just isn’t sustainable.

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8 comments to A fourth GO station for Burlington? It is in the works.

  • Sandra

    Not so sure we need another Go Station in Burlington. Go Transit should make an effort to complete the Burlington Go Station and make it more user friendly. It is quite a trick trying to figure out how to get to the North or South parking lot – depending on where you are on the tracks. Can’t imagine an older person using a walker trying to get around at that station.

  • Neil

    Another station to add more time on ones commute…ughhh…

    How about put the money into Burl.Transit and run better service, more shelters and create a transit hub between Oak/Burl Transit at New/ Burloak! (north east corner). Get BT to run along Dundas from Oakville to Hamilton (Waterdown)

  • Brian Rose

    As someone who lives south of the Guelph Go station and drives all the way to the Appleby station because it’s faster to actually get a parking and get on the train versus the north side of the Burlington go station.I would welcome the addition of a train station at Walker’s line or an additional parking structure on the southside of the Fairview Burlington Go. Whatever’s the cheaper option

  • Luke

    As to the unfinished status of the main Burlington GO station, I am certain that I read shortly after the Provincial government was elected last year that this projects completion date was being put back if memory serves 1 year which meant an early 2015 completion.
    Perhaps the Staff of the Gazette could give our MPP a nudge and ask her if she has any further info?
    Clearly the eyesore of construction material malingering in Burlington ought be addressed in a more timely manner in keeping with this communities image, no?

  • Roger

    I agree with the Mayor – finish the Burlington GO Station before starting another one

    • henri de beaujolais

      I don’t agree with the Mayor.

      The people of this Region need options to get around and they need them sooner, not later.

      Investing in infrastructure should have been ongoing for the last 40 years. Instead of putting it off and putting it off.

      Many projects, large and small, are run concurrently. You need to use competent contractors, but it can be done.

  • James

    Maybe before they start working on 50 new stations all over the GTA they could finish/fix/maintain the ones they already have. How many years has that escalator been “out of service” at the Aldershot Station anyway? Ridiculous.

  • WarningU2

    Number of current stations are fine but if they do build another I hope they do not use the same company building Burington main station.