A slightly different look at the growth of the city downtown

By Pepper Parr

August 7th, 2021



There are public hearings taking place at the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Before a full hearing can take place what are known as Case Management Conferences are held that set up the data and sworn statements that will become part of the actual hearing.

At this point in time there are appeals to the ICBL (Interim Control Bylaw) that shut down development in parts of the city for more than two years and the Approved but not in force city Official Plan.

The creation of a new Official Plan is a big deal – the changes the council elected in 2018 put in place were hugely different than the plan the 2014-2018 Council approved.

There are major dollars on the table – opportunities for eye popping profits for the developers and buildings that will change the look, feel and character of the city for decades.

Many people don’t pay all that much attention to these matters – they often don’t understand what is really complex stuff and wonder what difference their voice would make.

Then when they see a 26 storey tower that comes right out to the property line leaving them feel like they are in downtown Toronto they ask: How did this happen?

The picture below is a look at what it at stake.

The cultural and historical heart of the city has been bought up by developers who want to put up high rise towers reach close close to 30 storeys. Each circle represents a development underway of property on which a development application has been filed.


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2 comments to A slightly different look at the growth of the city downtown

  • g.fraser

    Hey Peppar,

    Why not use a current up to date downtown core picture instead of circles? Would certainly highlight more clearly what has happened and what is going to happen. You are also missing circles across from City hall and behind Smith Funeral Home.


  • Allan H

    Hi Pepper….totally agree with your comments. The accompanied photo appears to be an old one and maybe that’s your point. Recent development sure has changed the scenery downtown and in my view not for the better. Hmmmm, maybe we should be thinking….“follow the money”?