A totally different use for donated equipment at Burloak Park

By Staff

June 16th, 2022




Mayor Marianne Meed Ward opening the section of the park with the equipment more than a year ago.

A number of years ago the Burlington Seniors Community paid for the installation of specialized exercise equipment that was set up in the east end of Burloak Waterfront Park, Lakeshore Rd. at Hampton Heath,

The specialized Exercise Equipment is being used as a pilot location by Passion for Parkinson’s Foundation for their exercise program to help Parkinson patients.  Tomorrow, Thursday at 1:30 is the last of their 4 week pilot project at this location.

We feel that it’s important for the general public, rehabilitation professionals and seniors to be aware of the benefits this equipment can be and that it’s available free to use 24/7 at this wonderful picturesque location.

If you know of any families dealing with Parkinson’s – get in touch with the Foundation – they are there to help – and they do make a difference.  Reach out to Chair -Tamara 416-230-3215

Little did the Burlington Seniors Community know when they paid for the equipment that it would be put to this kind of use.

Good things do happen.

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3 comments to A totally different use for donated equipment at Burloak Park

  • Fred Hendriks

    I agree with Penny. It took over 3 years for the City to agree to the location. The Burloak area is a gem ; we’re happy that various group will use the equipment.
    ps Penny and I are part of the BSCI Board.

  • Penny Hersh

    Burlington Seniors Community has been in contact with the City as we would like to provide the funds for a second outside senior exercise area in Burlington.

    Perhaps in the Lion’s Park area that was recently purchased by the city.

  • Yes good things do happen. Thanks for reminding us that an act of kindness can have a far reaching effect on a community. We have held act of kindness birthday celebrations. The box of acts undertaken in the birthday boys name included everything from donations to helping an elderly person with their shopping. Rereading always brings a smile to the birthday persons face..