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February 3rd, 2018



Tim Caddigan had a sit down with the Mayor as part of the State of the City address given by Rick Goldring.

Tim is Senior Director of Programming and Community Relations at Cogeco Cable; his role was to do an abbreviated interview with the Mayor after he had given an address that was all facts and figures. Everything was upbeat – we didn’t have any problems, which isn’t the way a number of people in the downtown core see things.

Caddigan’s role was to reveal a part of the Mayor we don’t often see. He did this by asking questions in a rapid fire approach.

How do you address traffic? Not simple.

Strongest personal trait? I listen.

Escarpment - outcropping of rock

Mt Nemo

Must see in Burlington? Mt Nemo and the Pier.

Careful with this one Your Worship – Best artist the city has produced? Pause; Cheryl. (His wife who is an accomplished artist.)

Best Mayors the city has had? Walter Mulkewich and Rob McIssaac

Best hockey team? The Habs

Type of car you like? Sports cars

Mayor Goldring picking up donation in the Santa Claus parade - met with other GTA Mayors to pick up provincial finds to help with the ice storm damage.  Maybe he should have taken the hockey stick and the sock with him?

Mayor Goldring picking up donations in the Santa Claus parade.

Kind of movie you prefer? Action movies

Cats or dogs? Cats

Chores you are best at? Cheryl does the chores.

Food preferences? Mexican, I’m not a fan of pasta.

Songs you like best? Moody Blues their ride my see saw.

The best fun experience as Mayor? When the grade 5 class visits city hall. They ask all kinds of questions; do I have a chauffeur, do I have a body guard.

Current book he is reading? Can’t remember the title – it’s on mediation.

Clothing that matters to you? My running shoes.

The childhood memory? A jacket he got with the crests of the six original NHL teams.

That is your Mayor – probably the closest look the public has had of the man and the values that make him who he is today.

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2 comments to A twenty questions look at the Mayor –

  • Jim Young

    ECoB might be interested in asking The Mayor and Council 20 real questions.

    But they seem not to want to hear them when we and hundreds of other delegations present them at council meetings.

    Maybe we should discuss Pasta, Pets and Running shoes to get their attenetion

  • Frank Smith

    Deep stuff!