A winter that can be celebrated; a full day of fun: The Lowville Winter Games Sunday 11-4

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON January 24, 2013  While hockey is the sport that drives our passion – winter is what really makes us Canadians.  To get outdoors when there is snow and just plain play is a large part of what this country is all about.  The Lowville Winter Games take place this Sunday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.  There is plenty to keep you active, interested and busy and outdoors with snow on the ground.

Getting the hang of how to use a cross-cut saw on a cold winter day – part of the Lowville Winter Games.

There is a log sawing contest – if the city’s fireman show up they could take this one.

There will be Horse drawn wagon rides.

Not sure quite who is having the most fun here – but hot chocolate is going to go down well after this tumble.

It looks like there has been enough snow and it certainly has been cold enough for the snow to stay which means tobogganing.

Winter weather and outdoor activity means tummy’s that want filling; frequently.

Now if this child could be as focused while doing homework – but this is the Lowville Winter Games – that marshmallow comes first.

The Lowville Bistro will be operating full tilt; the United Church will be holding a BBQ and the Gorilla Cheese Truck will be on hand as well.

The Body Zorbs Race Track, the Human Gyroscope and craft by Momstown are part of the day’s events

Conservation Halton will be putting on a Birds of Prey Show.

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