Acquitted: Save the pigs advocate walks out of the courtroom

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May 4th, 2017



An Ontario Court judge has found animal activist Anita Krajnc not guilty of mischief for giving water to pigs outside a slaughterhouse.

Pig trial - Anita Krajnc

Anita Krajnc not guilty of mischief

Judge David Harris dismissed a charge Thursday against Krajnc, the 49-year-old founder of Toronto Pig Save. Krajnc was charged after she poured water into the openings of a metal trailer outside Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington, Ont., in June 2015.

The trial began last year and included five days of testimony. If convicted, Krajnc could have been fined $5000 and sent to jail for six months.

It was clear Krajnc was giving the pigs water, Harris said, and not an “unknown liquid” as police initially alleged. And the pigs were slaughtered anyway, which means she didn’t obstruct their “lawful use.”

Picked up from a CBC news report.  The Gazette will provide more detailed information later in the day.

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6 comments to Acquitted: Save the pigs advocate walks out of the courtroom

  • B. Wayne

    Since when is it ok to stand on a island that separates North and South morning rush hour traffic demonstrating? Elmer the safety elephant wouldn’t approve.

  • James

    So if she’s driving her kids around town and while parked at a stoplight someone notices that one of them looks to be, at least based on a 2 second assessment of the situation, to be hungry or thirsty, it’s okay for that complete stranger to go up to the car and give the kid a sip from their bottle or a cookie from their pocket without talking to her or seeking her permission first? They’re just being compassionate, right? Pigs… kids… they’re all the same in her mind, right? That’s what she said.

    My God there is SO much wrong with this! Of course that’s NOT okay! She’d be out of her car swinging a tire iron at the person, calling him a pervert and screaming for the police!

    These were commercial pigs in the possession of the truck driver on their way to slaughter and processing for human consumption. Agree or disagree with the method by which humans get their meat, this is how it works. These were not lost pigs that were all on their own and suffering that required empathy. These were, again agree or disagree with it, pork products in the midst of the supply chain of a highly regulated process, which strict regulations exist for one simple reason: consumer safety. By doing what she did, she put her personal opinions ahead of the safety of the general pork eating public. She put her beliefs ahead of my personal safety and the personal safety of millions of people without so much as a second thought. I’m sorry but that’s just not right. I’m not suggesting she needs to go to jail for life, but don’t say she’s innocent. This judgement totally sends the wrong message. Now that they can get away with this, what’s next?

  • interesting that her support group were saying that they were pigs as they were equal. DNA says different and no we are not equal. Back a number of years ago someone poisoned pain killers so they put a seal on all bottles now. If this woman was poisoning the pigs then some of the public could die or be sick. Obviously it is all about her and NOT the whole picture- people need to think.

  • Penny

    This has to be the most ridiculous judgment ever rendered. This time it was only water given to pigs. Next time it could be something else that then enters the food chain and eaten by the public. The other thing that could happen is that the transport companies do something to make certain that no one can put anything through the openings in the pig transports. Perhaps the openings will be smaller, or covered with wire. This would make the plight of the pig even more dire, if that is her concern.

    Ms. Krajnc does not have to eat pork. Is she vegan? Does she only wear cloth shoes?

  • Shannon

    A complete waste of time and taxpayer money. This never should have gone to trial. Our courts are already backlogged. A Halton judge threw out a drunk driving case in 2015 because he felt an 11-month delay infringed on the defendant’s right to trial within a reasonable time. I think I know who I’d rather have being tried.

  • steve

    My word, the lady gave some pigs water to drink. If this is what Burlington has to worry about, then we are in pretty good shape. When I look around at what’s happening in cities all over the west today, this seems laughable and so unnecessary.