ADI developments breaks ground on Guelph Line and announces Dundas-Sutton project.



August 28, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.  Construction equipment is on site and holes are being dug in the ground as ADI Developments begin building the three-story condo on Guelph Line between Mainway and Upper Middle Road.

The roof top deck and shared amenity was an interesting addition.  Will the noise from the QEW take anything away from the space?

It’s an attractive looking building with considerable thought as to how parking would be handled and the way people would use the amenities that are part of the structure. The roof top lounge on such a small building was an interesting add-on.

They looked like perfectly good trees that would have enhanced the development – but they got cut down.

As nice as the Guelph Line project is going to be – it could have been even nicer had more thought been given to keeping the number of perfectly good trees.  ADI, although new to Burlington, has picked up on the ability to cut trees down when some effort could keep perfectly good trees in place.

We asked the developer to comment on why several trees were cut down but did not get a response.

Ground broken – move in dates can’t be far off.

The project on Guelph Line is basically sold out and with construction underway ADI has another project which is about to go through the planning process.  The group made a presentation at a public meeting held at city hall to show the public what they had in mind for the Sutton Road and Dundas part of town – at the top of what we know as The Orchard.

ADI, a company run by twin brothers supported by a father who has considerable development experience, seem prepared to take some risks when it comes to design.  Burlington developers tend to stick with the familiar and not design building that fall far outside the tried and true buildings of the past.

Drive along Maple to get a sense of what Burlington has come to expect.  Devoid of design sums up those structures.

The plans, and that’s all they are at this point, were made public.  Now the developers have to get a sense of what the reaction is going to be and can they be sold – in a reasonable amount of time.

The Guelph Line project sold quickly enough.

An early architects rendering of what the ADI Development Group thought they wanted to do with the Dundas-Sutton project. The look of the project and the price point both underwent a change.

What started out as the LINK Condos+Towns project appears to be morphing into something with the name Bronte Creek in it.  The design appears to be going through a number of changes as well.  This project has an edgy look and feel to it.  ADI design is always a cut above what others bring to market and are usually priced comfortably.  They were talking of starts at $160,000 but that got bumped to $170,000.

Second design has a deck for residential use – a feature ADI has on another of its buildings – and parking at the ground level. Retail will be built into the ground level as well. Very short walk to Bronte Creek.

The project has a unique second level deck – garden arrangement that creates a lot of open air space available to all the residents and puts the parking underneath on a lower level.

No dates yet on when this project will break ground.  It got a decent community response at the public meeting.  Site approval should go smoothly.


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