Adi has begun to promote their second development in the Alton Village.

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June 6th, 2018



The announcement in the glossy magazine said:

Valera Condos & Towns is a new pr-construction condo and town-home development by ADI Developments located 4880 Valera Road in Burlington.

Valera Condos & Towns will be 10 storeys with a total of 414 condo units. Estimated completion date is still unknown.

Valera visual ADI

The soft sell approach – for a development in the Alton Village.

Valera Condos & Towns Highlights:

-Serene views of the escarpment
-Surrounded by expansive lush park lands
-Close to shopping, dining and schools
-Nearby parks include Doug Wright Park, Norton Community Park ad Taywood Park.

Valera site plan

The Valera development is basically just across the road from the Thomas Alton Blvd development.


The project was first taken to the community late in March.  It is currently in the Technical Review stage – that period of time when the planners pour over the many documents that are filed with an application.

The impact the Valera development and the development on the other side of Thomas Alton Blvd will have on the infrastructure, space in both th elementary and secondary schools s going to stress everything.


Valera site

The level of intensification in the Alton Village is putting a lot of pressure on the infrastructure. When the original development took place the bulk of the homes were single family dwellings. Then intensification came to Burlington and growth went up up because there wasn’t much in the way of and left to build on.

No dates – just an early soft sell piece.


The first development the ADI group did in the Alton Village was turned down by city council – it went to the OMB. The city and the developer worked out a settlement.

The Alton community is still getting used to the other ADI project that many saw as having the potential to create a traffic nightmare.

In December 2016, city staff recommended approval of an Official Plan and Zoning ByLaw Amendment to permit a residential development by Adi Development Group at 4853 Thomas Alton Blvd. City Council refused the application which resulted in an appeal to the OMB.

During the OMB process, city staff sought and received direction from Burlington City Council to enter into settlement discussions with Adi Development Group.


City staff worked within the settlement parameters approved by Council and subsequently reached an agreement that would:

• Reduce the height of the two towers from 19 storeys to 17 storeys;
• Reduce the total number of units from 612 to 601, thereby reducing the density of the site;
• Replace two rows of stacked townhouse blocks with two mid-rise, six storey apartment blocks, resulting in a reduced building footprint on the site;
• Increase the size of the publicly accessible park on the site from 2,064 square metres to 2,481 square metres;
• Keep the 21 standard townhouse units on the west side of the site adjacent to existing townhouse development.

The proposed Valera development isn’t very far from the Thomas Alton development that was very contentious.

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2 comments to Adi has begun to promote their second development in the Alton Village.

  • Penny

    Have you seen what the City considers to be park land. and community space? Walk along the new Elgin Street Promenade – it is grey concrete with some wide table- like benches and now one piece of “Public Art”, that looks like a giant round mirror that mirrors grey concrete ( have to wonder if that was part of a Section 37 Community Benefit – how many extra stories did this buy a developer?) with another to be installed further down the promenade starting today.

    Thankfully Kelly Childs was able to get the table-like bench at the side of her shop to be replaced with a smaller one. Previously it was impossible to navigate between her shop and the seating area this was supposed to provide.

    Have to wonder if when the designs are being planned if anyone walks around the site?

  • Pria

    Surrounded by expansive lush park lands??? The site backs directly onto jammed packed townhouses and fronts onto Appleby and Thomas Alton. You’ll be lucky to find a single blade of grass there.