Air park might be getting a little air time: CBC News crew on the site.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 29, 2014


The weather was great; fine day to be working outside – but it didn’t work out quite that way for a couple of King Paving workers.

CBC on site May 29, 2014 (2)

CBC News crew was on site at one of the Appleby Line properties destroyed by the air park site alteration work being done without benefit of a permit. Program to be aired early in June.

King Paving's amateur attempt at retrenching  2

King Paving work crew has difficulty digging a small trench with a backhoe on the south side of the air park.

The work was being done on air park property.

The trenching problems just happened to take place the day a CBC National News team was on site to film a portion of a show that will air later in the month on development problems in both Burlington and elsewhere in the province.

The CBC crew appears to want to interview Mr. Rossi but was not able to do so today.  Good luck with that effort. Vince Rossi, owner of the air park that is in the middle of a legal dispute with the city, is very choosy about who he gives interviews to.  The appeal of the court case the air park lost a number of months ago is to be heard June 11th.

Given both the complexity and significance of this case for both the air park community and the municipal world it might be after Labour Day before a decision is handed down.

A few days after the hearing the city team overseeing this file will review what they heard in the court room and determine as best they can the city’s “plan B”.

Should a decision be available before the October municipal election that may well change the temperature and the tone of whatever the prime election issue is going to be.


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