All the Maple Leaf booty Scott Stewart got from the Mayor will not change that team's chances of winning anything but it did make Stewart happier about leaving.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

November 27, 2015


City hall has a practice of celebrating the departure of its senior staff. These are sometimes done at a Council meeting – on other occasions at an event where people can gather, swap tales and remember the contribution the departing staff member made.

Thursday evening 125 or so people dropped into the Waterfront Hotel to bid farewell and good fortune to Scott Stewart who leaves Burlington for Guelph where he will serve as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

Stewart Scott blue sweater - more face

Scot Stewart was probably born a Toronto Maple Leaf fan – cold comfort but the sweater keeps him warm.

Mayor Goldring who opened the comments part of the evening, put his gift bag with a bold Toronto Maple Leaf crest on it and spoke well of the work Scott had done on getting the city and the hospital administration into the same bed. He remarked as well on excellent work done on getting the pier built right during the second try and suggested that if Scott wanted to take the air park with him to Guelph – he didn’t think Burlington would object to having Guelph annex that part of the city.

There were remarks from the head of the Transportation department who generously gave Scott a STOP sign – “just in case things don’t work out in Guelph” commented Vito Tolone. The idea of seeing Scott Stewart as a crossing guard amused many.

Stewart, Glenn and Clarke at reception

Cary Clark on the left watches as Scott Stewart accept a painting done by Rob Peachey. Chris Glenn looks on.

The comments from people who worked closely with Stewart were at times funny and at times an insight into the man. Rob Peachey, who oversees park development and is the guy who has to get those two Windows on the Lake between Market and St. Paul opened up, turns out to be a talented artist who did a painting of Kerns Cliff Park that was presented to Stewart. It was at that moment we learned that Scott chose that location to propose to his wife Darlene. A romantic devil isn’t he.

Stewart with the look

When you got “the look” you knew you were probably in a bit of trouble. The comment was usually – “fix it”.

Scott Stewart’s carer moves on. He was an exceptionally valuable member of the tem that keeps this city operational – at times it looked like he was doing it single handily. His shoes are going to be exceptionally hard to fill – his character and his humour are irreplaceable. His comments: “fix it” and “good luck with that one” are words that will be remembered for some time.

There was an occasion when the “soccer” moms were complaining about the covered field time they felt they were not getting. A group of them, strollers in front of them, delegated at city hall. It was a boisterous meeting and for a period of time it looked like it was going nowhere. The “soccer Moms” were not going to be blown off.

Scott Stewart standing with grin

It was tough year for Scott Stewart – his trials in Burlington are over. Next year will be better.

Stewart got the meeting to the point where it looked like a compromise had been found and he gave the task to Park and Recreation Director Chris Glenn with the comment – “Work it out with Chris – and if you can’t work it out with him – you will have to work it out” with me – and you do not want to have to work it out with me.

The soccer moms got it worked out with Chris Glenn.

His style is one that any budding municipal bureaucrat would be well advised to copy.

Quite why this city Council did not choose Scott Stewart as City Manager is something many will wonder about for some time. That’s all water under the bridge.

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