Always look at where the email comes from - if it isn't crystal clear - take a pass.

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January 13th, 2020



This one almost got past me.

BNS sneaky alert

The email was covered in red flags but because I was expecting something from my bank I assumed – could have been a fatal mistake. This is just the sort of thing that caught someone at city hall and – zap – more than half a million left a bank account.

I had been communicating with my branch on a non-banking matter and was expecting responses from them.

I almost clicked on the attachments – which I suspect would have taken me down a rabbit hole – from which it would be very hard to get out of with all my money in my pocket.

If in doubt – don’t.

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1 comment to Always look at where the email comes from – if it isn’t crystal clear – take a pass.

  • Susan Cooley

    BEWARE ordering from A Turbo ( Intuit) tax website that is fraud. My husband ordered a download for completing his taxes from what he thought was Turbo Tax website and the price was $25.00……so he thought, until he looked at his visa and saw that $1600.00 was charged.
    He contacted Turbo tax and they said nothing had been ordered from them. So it was a scam. He contacted the bank and they closed that visa and issued a new one and he is still waiting for visa to reverse the $1600.00