An addiction: everyone has something they are addicted to - know your limits and stick to them

By Susan Henry

January 28th, 2022



Addicts are everywhere. Maybe you’re one of them. Even if you think that you’re clean and nothing triggers you, there must be something that you’re interested in that you can spend the rest of your life doing. Have you ever met someone who’s an online gambling addict? What do you think about those people? Are they ridiculous to be addicted to something like that?

We all jump to conclusions and judge those people in the wrong way. But what if they have their reasons and they are convincing! Addiction is dangerous no matter what people are addicted to, but that doesn’t mean that addicts are totally out of their minds. Here is a list of the reasons that make online gambling very attractive to get addicted to, but before getting into it read about the best online casinos in Canada.

Online gambling means you can play from wherever you are located and there is a cell tower nearby.

Source of money
Right in your home, on your comfortable couch, having fun and gambling online without making any effort. If you are good, you’ll be able to bet your money and take it back in addition to what others have a bet. What a life, having fun and playing with earning money simultaneously. This thing alone is a trigger for addiction, but the list is still long.

They’re games, and they can’t be but fun and entertaining—the entire engagement between you and your mobile phone screen until you achieve winning. The fun is unstoppable, and it increases with every new game, win or lose.

If you don’t have money, you can play. If you don’t have a laptop, you can play. Whenever you want, you can play. It’s accessible and always available for everyone, no matter who and where they’re. When something is that close and accessible, you can’t help but take advantage of it.

Reality escapism
When you have hard times, your mood is down. You don’t have the energy to talk to people; your online casino is opening its hand wide open to give you a big hug and get you out of that reality that’s killing you.

Free time
Online gambling is an entertaining option to spend your free time. But what if someone doesn’t have anything but free time. No job, no study, no life. Has the world’s time and doesn’t know any way else to spend it but by gambling online. Free time is a problem when filled out with the wrong things.

“Play for three days and get this reward, play for a month in raw and get something free” there’s always something like that in all games. Online casinos are no different. In this way, they’ll encourage people not to think about leaving the website, not even for a single day.

A very very wide variety of games that can be played online.

You think that you know all the gambling games in the world, you’re mistaken. There’s a great number of different games online. You’ll constantly be challenged to learn the new game and get to know its rules and how to win in it. Fun never ends

You get into the online casino, you do your best and try every possible option to win, and you win. This thrill that you’ll feel is not something you want to feel once in a lifetime. You’ll continue playing to win over and over again. Or let’s say you did everything, but you had bad luck, and you want to make up for that. You won’t be relieved until you win many times after that loss, which will take forever.

It’s not all a game of chance – you need to be able to think about how the cards have been played.

Online gambling is not only a way to win or lose money as you spend some time online, and it’s a lot more. Studies have shown that online gambling improves memory, math skills, and decision-making skill. When first starting to gamble online, a person is not the same after a while. He’ll be smarter, and no one will ever feel that he has gotten enough intelligence. They think that there’s more by time, so they never stop.

Addict or not an addict. We’re all human beings, and we’re subjected to turn into any version of us, good or bad. We should support those who are struggling with a bad habit because they don’t need a new burden. If you’re not planning to join the addicts’ group, manage your time and know when to stop.

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