An open letter to Ward 6 residents - please vote on October 22nd

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September 14th, 2018



There is a resident in ward six who is so concerned about the level of public interest in the October municipal election that she has printed up a couple of thousand notices that she is going to distribute door to door.

Krista Richards is a ward six resident.  She has some questions for her neighbours.

Did you know that there are over 22,000 registered voters in our Ward?

Did you know that in 2014 just approximately 5,000 actually voted?

Did you know the results of the municipal election for Ward Councillor was a difference of 600 votes?

Did you know if you are registered you could vote online?

Vote ward 6 1Vote ward 6 2If you are registered to vote you will get your voter card by October 1. If not, you can contact City Hall.
You can use your id # on that card to vote in early voting, or simply click away from your table while the kids have breakfast, or watching a hockey game, all from the comfort of your own home. Online voting begins October 1st- 17th .

Our little Ward does not get much attention from City Hall. It is very much a commuter area, with many of use driving our cars to other municipalities to work, working long hours, and taking care of kids, parents and community. Many of have a hard time getting to the polls on Election Day. I know.

However being able to vote online has taken the stress away. No more planning and having Murphy’s law take over.

The last municipal election had 10 candidates for Ward 6 Councillor. There are only 3 in the 2018 election. Perhaps, we would have had a proper voice for our Ward. Imagine, less than 1% made the difference in who stood for us while important decisions were made about our Ward and our City.

Who stood for us when Alton Village parking and snow clearing became a safety hazard? Who stood for us when a condo community was approved with less parking than originally planned causing more chaos.

Who stood for us when the land of the northwest side of Walkers and Dundas that was not supposed to be developed suddenly changed. These are just a few examples. The answer… NO ONE!

Please take the time to have your voice heard. There is no reason for so few folks in our area to cast their ballot, when voting cannot be any easier. The apathy towards not participating in City elections has hurt us. As Ward 6 residents and all the residents of Burlington. So many bad decisions have been made at City Hall, that we will all suffer, for generations to come.

Do some reading and find out what is going on at City Hall. You may find it as disturbing as I do.
I urge you to not let less than 20% of the residents of our Ward make the decision for the rest of us. Please make sure you are registered to vote. Vote on line and have your voice heard.

We need a voice at the table in City Hall.

Thank you, your neighbour.

I am not affiliated with any campaign. I am simply concerned.

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4 comments to An open letter to Ward 6 residents – please vote on October 22nd

  • Michael Hribljan

    The decision has regarding school closures been made, kids from Pearson are already integrating into MM Robinson and the school board has done an exemplary job of integration. It is sad when someone suggests voting based on revenge or spite for a candidate, one must look at all the issues and the big picture we are facing in Burlington. Did Marianne represent Central HS on the PARC, absolutely and why not. Central was in her ward and her children attended the school. I would also ask where was Mayor Goldring in the this tough time, where were the other councilors, where was our liberal MPP – all hiding and ducking the issue. Mayor Goldring in fact told his councilors to not get involved!

    Marianne was the only Burlington politician that marched with other parents for a moratorium on ALL school closures at Queens Park. Please read the article on the CBC website, that is a fact.

    Regarding school closures we can also play a game of he’s right and she’s wrong, that’s a lie and this is the truth. Quite frankly it’s a fools game, we all have different perspectives and experiences related to the PAR process, it was a long process and extremely complex.

    Do your research and vote with your head, be cautious about those looking for spite or revenge.

    I suspect this will start a flurry of activity, I hope I’m wrong, but we need to move forward on this issue and use our energy to bring good for the community.

  • George

    Please do not forget that HDSB Trustees: Leah Reynolds, Andrea Grebenc and Richelle Papin voted to close Burlington high schools.
    Regarding the over capacity at Frank J. Hayden are the citizens of Burlington aware that in spite of the existing 12 portables the cafeteria is used for first period morning classes.

  • steven craig gardner

    Add to this who stood for us when Pearson High School was shut and Hayden is still well over 100% capacity with many portables, inadequate lunch space.
    Which mayoralty candidate only supported keeping Central High open at the expensive of Bateman and Pearson? Don’t forget to vote for school trustees in public and Catholic board. One catholic trustee in Burlington voted in favour of not allowing a large number of charities in the schools. Maybe we want to vote this person out??

    • Hans

      Who “…supported keeping Central High open at the expensive of Bateman and Pearson?”. That would be the only candidate who did her job and actively supported her ward’s residents, as she should have. We should ask instead: “Where were the other councilors, and the mayor?”.

      In addition, with all the over-intensification planned for the downtown, Central High may be needed for the population growth.