Andrea Horwath to visit the NDP campaign office on Tuesday - the political winds are shifting.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 4th, 2018



When the wind shifts a good Captain trims the sails.

When Andrew Drummond was made the NDP candidate for Burlington his hope was to get the NDP vote back to the 20% range they have traditionally held.

Andrew wasn’t able to get a leave of absence from his full time job – so he was hot footing it at the GO stations on his way into work and doing as much as he could when he got home.

A single parent with two pre-teen children he had his hands full.

Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond with a supporter

He was a big step up in terms of a quality candidate – not a huge union supporter either. For him the issue is the quality of life we live. He can’t go along with people having to live on minimum wages that are only now at $14 – going to $15 next year when the Community Development Halton data is quite clear – people need $17 to live a decent life.

Last weekend Drummond got four houses in a row in the Riverside community that said they were voting for him.

The most recent poll gave the NDP 34% of the vote.

Horwath bus

Horwath campaign bus is going to roll into Burlington on Tuesday – 5:50 pm at the campaign office on Mountainside.

All that positive news was good enough to convince NDP leader Andrea Horwath to have her tour bus take a tighter left hand turn and drop by the NDP office at 2232 Mountainside – 5:50 pm on Tuesday the 5th of June.

How long has it been since an NDP leader visited Burlington?

Walter Mulkewich told the Gazette that Bob Rae visited Burlington twice in 1985 when Mulkewich was the candidate. Walter didn’t win the provincial seat in that election.

Andrew Drummond is in a much different situation – the whole province is in a different sitaution.

The NDP sails are being trimmed to catch the new winds.

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