Angry rural residents vent at a public meeting, Councillor Lancaster sends one packing

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 10th, 2018



A little more on that public meeting last night in the Alton Village at the Haber Recreation Centre.

A source reported that ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster told a citizen who was reported to be shouting at people that he had to leave the room.

Councillor Blair Lancaster gets out to almost every photo op there is and has served as the lead spokesperson at a number of NGTA community events with crowrs of 250+. Her constituents are not happy with how she is handling the Air PArk issue.

Councillor Blair Lancaster – can be one tough cookie when she thinks she has to be.

The man was said to be more than six feet in height – being ejected by Lancaster must have been a sight.

The event was an Open House at which the Planning department provided maps showing the changes on how land use in the rural part of Burlington was going to change.

The “farmer” was angry over changes to what he was going to be able to do with his land.

In attendance were Councillors Sharman, Taylor, Lancaster and Meed Ward. Our source was not able to say if any other council members were in the room.

Debate Warren

Vanessa Warren during the 2014 municipal election.

Vanessa Warren, a candidate for the ward in the 2014 election was certainly in the room commenting on what was shown on the maps that were on display.

Warren is an exceptionally able researcher – she would know what she was talking about.

Our source reported that there were a lot of angry rural residents at the event.

A Gazette reader who was at the meeting commented: “I attended last night, and it was an embarrassment to this city. The Enraged Citizens of Burlington or whoever these people were have every right to be upset, I am too, but you can’t behave like that. It was borderline violent at times, with people so out of control with rage that they had to physically be removed from the building. Right or wrong, it crossed a line. Security Guards, real ones, not night watchmen, might be a good idea for the April 24th meeting. We’re supposed to feel safe at these meetings. Last night, for the first time, that safety was called into question. Come on Burlington, we’re better than this.”

Quite a build-up to the October municipal election.

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6 comments to Angry rural residents vent at a public meeting, Councillor Lancaster sends one packing

  • Melanie Pepper

    A similar meeting a few months ago regarding 2100 Brant Street was also an embarrassment. The City Planning Department and Rick Craven could not answer any questions or concerns the citizens had, they showed a lack of professionalism and preparedness. It was also revealed that the planning department told National Homes they could increase the density in the development ultimately creating a concrete jungle. The last Council meeting was 4 hours of citizen group presentations – councilman for the wars Rick Craven had a distasteful look on his face throughout the entire meeting and unlike the other council members, did not ask a single question. At the end of the meeting he couldn’t get out fast enough. He couldn’t be bothered to talk to ANYONE in the room.

    Councillors Mead-Ward and Lancaster took the time to talk after the meeting. Councillor Mead Wars showed genuine caring for the city and constituents – if she chooses to run for Mayor of Burlington I will be first in line to work on her campaign!

  • Deja Vu

    City Council have had their own hidden agenda since this Mayor took the reins so their contempt and disregard for the concerns of their electorate, other than the occasional nod of the head, is the norm.

    They have little character and, in my view, prefer to kowtow to the developers and the aggregates (their the ones with the money folks) rather than ACTIVELY listen to and ADDRESS the concerns of their citizens. .

    Nobody likes to see a meeting end up as a melee but with the feeling of impotence with respect to getting the attention and respect from City Hall it is not too surprising

    In my view, this situation will only change with a CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP and NOW IS the TIME – October LOOMS closer and closer BUT “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” or promises being made by those that have never delivered in the past

  • Phillip

    James’ comment, “we’re better than this”, must be true for all residents, no matter how angry they may be. However, the conduct of these individuals–no matter how inappropriate, reflects the anger created by the marginalization of the residents of Burlington by City Hall. Council should be forewarned–this anger will certainly be visible at the ballot box in October.

  • Zaffi

    So sad that it has come to this.
    I understand folks get emotional about issues, especially those that affect their livelihoods , but this type of behaviour is not acceptable nor allows for movement towards solutions.

    • KJ

      What type of behaviour Zaffe? Did you see it? I’ll certainly reserve judgement until I see whatever “close to violence” acts were committed for myself. I’ve seen enough safe-space complainers in the last few years that I’ll hold onto a little skepticism over how “close to violent” this really was.

      • Zaffi

        KJ. I was referring to various forms of escalating emotions that i have observed from both sides of the debate inside and outside of formal exchangs.