Another cannabis store application. If everything in place and everything in the que is approved the city will have 21 retail locations.

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March 31st, 2021



The city is becoming Cannabis Central.

An application to establish a cannabis retail operation on Upper Middle Road has been submitted.

There are currently 13 retail locations with seven applications in the works – Assuming everything is approved and so far everything has been approved Burlington will have 21 retail cannabis shops.

Application are submitted to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario: Written comments due to Province by April 13.

cannabis store

The stores usually al have a very high end look to them and staff that know their product. Customer service and support is a little uneven.

The application meets the City of Burlington Council approved guidelines.
Written comments about the proposed location will be received by the AGCO until Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and may be submitted online at

The AGCO will accept submissions from:

• A resident of the municipality in which the proposed store is located
• The municipality representing the area in which the proposed store is located and/or its upper-tier municipality.
Comments submitted to the AGCO should relate to the following matters of public interest:
• Protecting public health and safety
• Protecting youth and restricting their access to cannabis
• Preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis.

After April 13, the AGCO will consider all written comments and available information to decide whether the application for the proposed store location will be approved.

The 13 stores include:

Relm Cannabis Co. 4031 Fairview St. Suite 103
Camp Cannabis 3007 New St.
The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. 1505 Guelph Line, Unit 3-4
Friendly Stranger Plains Road 1025 and 1059 Plains Rd. E., Unit 3
Paramount Cannabis Co. 1200 Brant St., Unit B-004
mihi 3500 Dundas St., Unit A1B
Canna Cabana Burlington 2400 Guelph Line, Unit 2
Welcome Cannabis 1401 Plains Rd., Unit 5
Spiritleaf 3295 Fairview St.
Canada Buds 1860 Appleby Line, Unit 11B
The Spot Cannabis 3247 Appleby Line
Canna Cabana 3505 Upper Middle Rd., Unit D003
Buds Smoke 2017 Lakeshore Rd.

Seven additional cannabis retail stores are under review by the AGCO and one is out for comment, including this one.
Burlington is ranked as Canada’s best community and best place to raise a family.

Now we know why.

Quick Facts
• On Jan. 14, 2019, Burlington City Council voted to allow the operation of retail cannabis stores in Burlington.
• On April 1, 2019, the first round of brick and mortar, privately-operated retail cannabis stores opened across the province.
• The AGCO is licensing and enforcing regulations related to retail cannabis stores in Ontario.
• The ACGO introduced an open licensing system for cannabis retail stores in January 2020. On March 2, 2020, the ACGO began accepting store authorization applications.
• The provincial requirement for a cannabis retail store is 150 metres from schools (as defined by the Education Act), as per the provincial regulations. The City of Burlington guideline for a cannabis retail store is 500 metres from schools.


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4 comments to Another cannabis store application. If everything in place and everything in the que is approved the city will have 21 retail locations.

  • Alfred

    Hi Bill.

    Actually there is a difference. Go to the USA border and tell the customs officer there that you drink liquor and beer, he will smile and say welcome to the USA. On the other hand if you tell him you are a proud Cannabis user (pot smoker). You will be turned around and probably denied a re-entry in the future.

    I think the purpose of the article was to show the alarming number of people that smoke pot in Burlington. Based on the number of Cannabis stores opening up. As you pointed out it is legal, I think some of us are surprised at the actual number of people that use it. Still to each their own.

  • bill

    Alfred, I’m not condoning or condemning the use of cannabis. The fact is, it’s legal. We have multiple beer and liquor outlets as well as bars in Burlington. Is this really any different?

  • Alfred


    I think that what we can draw from this is that Burlington has a large number of legal stoners. I don’t think I would encourage my children to use mind altering drugs. Knock yourself out.

  • bill

    Not sure what the point of this article is? Cannabis is legal, what’s your point?