Another hot, hot HOT day. Head for the mall if you want to get in some walking exercise. The lake water will cool you off as well.

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August 27th, 2018



It is hardly news anymore. Excessive heat warnings from the Regional government. It is the new normal and seniors, people with breathing problems and very very young children need to take notice.

As a result of extreme heat and humidity, Environment Canada has issued a Heat Warning for Halton Region starting Monday, August 27. This warning is issued when forecast temperatures are expected to reach at least 31 degrees Celsius with overnight temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius for two days, or when a humidex of 40 or higher is expected for two days.

Beaches are an option – take sun screen.

Burlington Beach aerial

The city doesn’t have quite this much beach any more – weather has eroded quite a bit of it. But it is still a place to cool down.

Especially at risk

• older adults (over the age of 65), infants and young children, people who work and exercise in the heat, people without adequate housing and those without air conditioning
• people who have breathing difficulties, heart problems, kidney problems or take heat-sensitive medications
Prevention tips
• stay cool
• avoid strenuous outdoor activities
• seek shade from the sun
• spend time in air-conditioned places, such as shopping malls and community centres
• drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water
• visit friends and neighbours who may be at risk and never leave people or pets in your care unattended in a car

People exercising in a mall

Mall space could be put to very good public service use.

With these significant differences in weather people are going to need to find different places to get some exercise.  Some malls in North America have taken to running exercise programs.  There are two malls in Burlington who could put some of their space to a really good public service use.

If you or someone in your care experiences rapid breathing, headache, confusion, weakness or fainting, please seek medical attention right away.

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1 comment to Another hot, hot HOT day. Head for the mall if you want to get in some walking exercise. The lake water will cool you off as well.

  • George

    The picture of Burlington beach above states “weather has eroded quite a bit of it.” I doubt this as my belief is the lake Ontario water level is maintained excessively high to provide extra head for the power dams on the St. Lawrence. Should we get a large storm from the East there will be excessive flooding because of this.