Another significant drug seizure; early survey results suggest citizens want cannabis retail locations in the city.

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December 14th, 2018



At a community meeting last night Councillor Lisa Kearns told the audience that 82% of the people who attended a meeting that took place earlier in the week on the sale of cannabis in retail locations were in favour of stores opening in Burlington.

That is probably bad news for the drug dealers.

More bad news as the result of a drug investigation that ended with two arrests; Search Warrants were executed at a Burlington Residence

On December 12th 2018, members of the 3 District Street Crime Unit concluded a drug investigation that resulted in the arrest of two people and the execution of a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) search warrant at a residence on Lynington Court in Burlington.

As a result of this investigation, police seized the following (See attached photo):

• 27 grams of methamphetamine
• $3275.00 cash
• 2 flick knives
• Airsoft pistol
• 4 cellular phones
• 2 digital sales
• Drug packaging

Estimated street value of seized drugs: $ 2,700.00

Drug bust


The following persons have been arrested and charged:

Chad Christopher STEVENSON (25 years) of Burlington (Held for bail)

• Trafficking a controlled substance (Methamphetamine)
• Possession for the purpose of trafficking (Methamphetamine)
• Possession of a prohibited weapon
• Possession of a weapon contrary to prohibition order
• Fail to comply with probation (two counts)

Jessica PINN (28 years) of Burlington (Released on a Promise to Appear in Milton Court on January 11th 2019)

• Trafficking a controlled substance (Methamphetamine)
• Possession for the purpose of trafficking (Methamphetamine)
• Possession of a prohibited weapon

Investigators remind the public to utilize Crime Stoppers to report any illegal drug, gun or gang activity at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477), through the web at or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637(crimes) “See something, Hear something, Say something”.

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6 comments to Another significant drug seizure; early survey results suggest citizens want cannabis retail locations in the city.

  • Penny

    Residents have to understand that Cannabis is now legal. When governments banned liquor prohibition did not stop the selling or purchasing of liquor, it simply moved underground. Students don’t have to go 150 meters away from their schools to purchase cannabis, I am willing to bet they can purchase it on school property.

    People who want to purchase Cannabis will not have to come to Burlington to purchase it. Oakville and Mississauga residents will be able to buy it either online or from a non registered dealer.

    Granted the Government of Ontario has been changing the rules and seem not to have thought things through. Like anything new it takes time to work things out. We have to remember that it was not the Ontario Government that legalized Cannabis it was the Federal Government that did this.

    The only thing opting out at this time will do is prevent the municipality from getting monetary incentives that are being offered to opt in now. It is short sighted to think that opting out now will prevent outlets from operating in Burlington.

    The City Staff Report cites that the survey sent out indicated that the residents of Burlington want to OPT IN, and their recommendation is that Burlington OPT IN.

    I hope that this new Council is not going to do what the previous Council did and defer everything because they didn’t want to take a hard stand on what the residents asked for.

    • Hans

      Which government created this issue doesn’t seem particularly relevant. I don’t see a downside to opting out until there is a solid reason to do otherwise.

  • Scott

    I saw a picture on Twitter that was taken at the BCPA during the meeting the other night. I would love to know how many people actually attended. It did not look very well attended.
    I also agree with the comments above. I would hope that our city staff is in contact with their counterparts in municipalities who have voted to opt-out. There are two many unanswered questions about this whole thing and the implications of a wrong decision could have far reaching implications for our youth in this city and the quality of life of the citizens.

  • Stephen White

    82% support expressed at one meeting attended by persons who likely have an interest in using the product does not, in and of itself, constitute or reflect majority community opinion or an accurate opinion sample.

    The legalization of cannabis has opened a Pandora’s Box of legal and regulatory issues that have not been fully explored or understood by civic officials, the police or the public. The fact that a number of communities (e.g. Mississauga, Markham, Oakville) have already opted out, combined with the fact that the Ford government, as recently as yesterday, has again changed policy direction, and announced they will only approve 25 licensed cannabis retail stores across the province, suggests considerable uncertainty around this issue.

    This is one time when the most prudent action undertaken by our local leaders would be to wait. The policy landscape is in considerable flux and acting now may create problems or issues down the road we could end up regretting.

  • Hans

    From the report above, it looks like drug dealers are moving on to methamphetamine and the location of cannabis stores won’t make much difference. That was predictable.

  • Bonnie

    Should we not be looking at the reasons as to why Oakville and Mississauga have voted to opt-out of stand alone stores for the sale of cannabis. In my opinion, there are still too many unanswered questions about the private retail model. As I understand it, these stores would be permitted to operate from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. in Burlington and would likely be located in the east end of the city with easy access for our neighbours to the east. As a resident, I do not want my city to be viewed as the go to place for cannabis with limited controls over those operating these stores.