Anyone know who was driving a Light grey/ silver Hyandai with license number BMSC491 on Cavendish earlier this week?

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February 23rd, 2018


This story has been updated.

One wonders why some people do really stupid things.

TEC stop quarry expansion Jul17The Tyandaga Environmental Coalition has a sign they ask people to put put on their lawns to show their support for the effort being made to curtail the mining for shale going on at the Meridian Brick works on King Road.

Later in this saga:

HRPS Officer Kevin met with the registered owner of the car; a woman in her 70’s.  “Apparently there have been some issues with this woman before”.

The owner of the car lives in the condo community.

The woman apparently decided the sign was not allowed and, with no information to that effect, and took matters into her own hands and illegally removed the lawn sign.

Officer Ken explained to the 70 year old that there are correct ways of doing things, and ways that are not correct.  The woman has apologized, and the sign has been returned and is once more posted outside the townhouse.

Graphic of TEC quarry

The TEC protest is about an expansion the Meridian Brick people want to do on their quarry property.

It is a complex issue. The Gazette has written on what the TEC people are trying to do.

A Burlington resident reports that her daughter in law saw a woman on her lawn removing the TEC sign as she drove her six year old daughter home from school.

The woman removing the sign ran to her car and drove off.

The daughter in law did not feel she could give pursuit with her little girl in the car.

What the daughter in law was able to do was get the make, colour and license plate of the car.

Anyone know who drives a Light grey/ silver Hyandai with license number BMSC491

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