Appleby Village development a no go at this point in time

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 21, 2015


Those condominiums that First Capital Corporation wanted to build on the edge of the Appleby Village Mall will not be going up any time soon.

Appleby Mall rendering 2 structure proposal 16 & 11 floors

The view of the proposed development from Pinedale. Was it sewer problems that held this development back?

Councillor Paul Sharman advised Council last night that the Regional government will not have the services in place for the time frame the developer seems to have wanted.

Sharman faced two close to hostile audiences when the proposal was first put forward by First Capital – close to 300 people crowded into a public meeting to voice their opinion – “not here thank you” was the sentiment expressed by most.

Appleby Village site set up

The two towers would have been in the upper right. It was their height that had the residents up in arms.

There was a second meeting that didn’t go much better.

Sharman appeared to take some satisfaction in in delivering the news.

Expect this project to come back to the table at some point in the future; a combination of the developer wanting to wring as much profit out of their property as possible and the city’s need to intensify will see this one again.

The city will also like the look of the development charges and the tax revenue.

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