Baird to return to Court on February 18th

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January 21, 2020



Sean Baird had another day in Court – he didn’t attend, his lawyer Caroline McKenna, a Hamilton based lawyer stood before the Judge representing Baird.

Caroline McKenna

Caroline McKenna represented Sean Baird in Milton Courthouse where numerous criminal charges will be heard.

McKenna is with Paquette –Wilhelm, a small firm with a strong criminal law reputation.

Baird did not appear, just the lawyer. He was not required to be in the Court room. The purpose of the hearing was to begin the process of the defence getting the discovery documents which is basically the case that the Crown believes it has against Baird.

The lawyers now look at the documents and prepare for a trial, assuming Baird decides a trial is what he wants.

They will be back in Court on February 18th. One can expect the lawyers to have figured out how long a trial might take so that a trial date can be set.

Baird is reported to do a lot of business with Hamilton area restaurants.

Baird is facing the following criminal charges:

Uttering a Forged Document – Contrary to section 368(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada

· Fraud over $5000 – Contrary to section 380(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada

· Corrupt Practice (four counts) – Contrary to the Municipal Elections Act.

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1 comment to Baird to return to Court on February 18th

  • Uttering a forged document has not been a valid charge since the 50’s according to Anne’s source and Caroline is likely onto that as Dean Pacquette would have been in the days we watched him in Court fight against bogus charges.