Bayhawks Soccer U14’s & U16’s show up at council meeting to be congratulated for a superb year. Take a pass on council meeting.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  November 5, 2012  The Council Chamber was close to filled with dozens of young women in sports sweats, many wearing medals that clinked together as they walked.  Were they there to delegate to Council?  All of them?  That would be unusual.  They were polite and when Mayor Goldring announced why they were there they trooped to the podium and gathered while the Mayor explained.

Burlington Bayhawks Under 14 girls soccer team, pose for the camera after being recognized by city council for an outstanding season

This was the 50th anniversary of the Burlington Youth Soccer Club and the two groups;  the U14 and the U16 Burlington Bayhawks soccer teams were there to be recognized for an outstanding year on the soccer field.  They won at every level they played at.

Burlington Bayhawks wearing their “bling” and waiting to be called to the podium.

During the presentation, the members of each team were given a pin with the city crest on it – they were photographed and told they didn’t have to stay for the rest of the Council meeting – they left immediately – these kids know a dull show when they see one.

The club has done very well with its program.  Five of the women who played on Canada’s Olympic Soccer team came out of the Burlington program; probably more from Burlington than any other club in Canada.  A record for which they have every right to be very proud.

The Burlington Bayhawks Girls Under 16 came out on top in the Ontario Youth Soccer West Division; the Ontario Youth Soccer level;  the Ontario Cup, the National Cup and added to that five first places in competitions that took place in the United States.

The team record for the season was 45 wins; 3 ties and 1 loss.

Burlington Bayhawks – girls under 16 soccer team took every level they played at during the season.

The Burlington Bayhawks Under 14 Girls did just as well.  They triumphed at the National Cup level, the Ontario Youth level and the Ontario Cup level.

Their season record was 27 wins, 4 ties and five losses with 115 goals earned and 31 against.  These 14 year olds will move on to the U16 level where they will be a very competitive team.

With five,  2012 soccer Olympians coming out of the Burlington club – Canadians are likely to see our teams in the finals much more often. We may just begin to see a winning streak we have not seen for some time.

Mayor Goldring suggested that the teams’ success was a direct result of the “pep” talk he and Councillor Sharman gave the two teams before they left to compete in Vaughan and Prince Edward Island.  Watching those girls stride to the podium to be congratulated, left little doubt in the minds of all  that they didn’t need much in the way of “pep” talks to win.  These girls were champions!

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