Ben - a Nelson Youth Centre success story.

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September 6th, 2018



The staff at the Nelson Youth Centre tell the story about Ben, a young boy who was rapidly losing his way.

He was 13 years old with a long history of failures when he came to the Centre. He was very angry and defensive and was not about to trust anyone. Ben had no friends and too many people had let him down in his young life. In addition, his teachers and school were not feeling hopeful that he would be able to continue in the main stream. His mom loved her son but was at loss on how to help him. We knew that Ben desperately wanted to fit in and have a friend of his own but lacked the skills and confidence to make this happen.

Over time while attending the program and with the support of the Centre’s staff Ben was able to figure out who he was and what he wanted. Ben found his voice. During the 6 months he was in the program, Ben began to connect with his peers and express himself in a healthy and socially acceptable way. He was also able to connect with his teacher in a way that allowed him to benefit from the learning environment. He was finding hope and a place for himself in this world.

Ben was given the task of mentoring new children coming into the program; he now had a purpose and a way to share with others what he had learned about himself and what he needed to be successful. He successfully graduated from the Centre’s program and was unrecognizable as the boy who first came to our door. Ben was now seen as a leader in school, had multiplied his friends, and was moving in a positive direction.

A year later, in high school, Ben returned to the Centre as a volunteer. Nelson Youth Centres had made such a difference in his life, connecting him to school, family and friends he wanted to pay it forward. Ben was able to help others a see a future as bright as own!

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1 comment to Ben – a Nelson Youth Centre success story.

  • Ley

    I used to hang out there all the time in the 60’s /70’s…….When I drive by now I think how glad I am that it is still a “drop in centre”