Big changes taking place in the Burlington retail community. Zellers closes – Target begins the makeover to open in April, 2013

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON September 19, 2012   We knew the Zellers store was going to close – we told you that in May of this year.

Now the closing is very real – the signs came down today and the stores have had almost everything taken out of them.

The Zellers sign comes off the store in the Burlington Mall. Store will get a total makeover and re-open as a Target store in April 2013

During the months ahead there will be a total gutting and then Target, the new store brand, will begin to put their equipment, sales counters, check out aisles and racks to display merchandize in place.  Burlingtonians will flood into the new Target store sometime in April of 2013 – which will be a month or so before the pier opens to the public.

Two Zellers stores are closed; the one in Millcroft Centre and the one in the Burlington Mall.

Not a sales clerk in sight. In April, 2013 the space will be filled with new merchandise in the kind of store Burlington hasn’t seen for some time.

All the Zellers staff lost their jobs.  Target didn’t buy the Zellers store – they assumed the lease, which means they now pay the rent and can do whatever they want to do with the space.  That space is now empty and in the next five or six months the store – two in Burlington, will get new equipment and new staff will be hired and trained.

Target is a very different kind of retailer.  They bring a different product line and they operate differently.  Tough on the people who no longer have jobs.  Some of them may get hired by Target but the betting in the retail community is that Target will not want people with Zellers training.

Zellers is no more – Target is now king.  The Bay and Sears along with a number of other retailers in Burlington will see a bit of an uptick in their sales which they should enjoy while it lasts because the moment Target opens its doors – the customers they had will flee in droves to Target who will do everything they can to make them loyal customers.

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