Black Lives didn't seem to matter on Saturday

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 13th, 2020



The Black Lives didn’t seem to matter all that much on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon when they had announced that they were going to protest what they saw as unacceptable social behavior to the Black community.

Civic sq June 13

Civic Square was barren – not a protester in sight.

This battle between Kelly’s Bake Shop and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement had been boiling for a bit – taking up all kinds of oxygen on social media sites.

A protest demonstration had been promoted for Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm

Kelly’s public relations people said they understood the protest event was not going to take place – saying that information came from the police.

police cruiser second

Police cruiser parked across the street from city hall.

police camera cruiser

Police cruiser with camera mounted to allow for 360 crowd capture.

The police didn’t give out any information but they did plan to have a presence at whatever event took place.  Two cruisers were parked adjacent to city hall and another was driving around the area.

Turns out no one showed up – and no one said that no one would be showing up.

store closed sign

Sign on the Kelly’s Bake Shop front door: No cup cakes – not even take out for the BLM crowd

Kelly Childs wasn’t at all sure there wasn’t going to be a crowd – she closed up shop at 2:00 pm.

Much ado about nothing – but there is an issue here that does need to be fully addressed.

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