Black Lives Matter iconography has been painted on the sidewalk in front of City Hall.

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August 9th, 2020



The Pride Crosswalk went in about a month ago – this month the Black Lives Matter iconography has been painted on the sidewalk in front of City Hall.

There was an informal presentation with the Mayor and two Councillors (Nisan and Galbraith) today at 11:30 am.

Surprisingly, there were no people of colour on hand to take part.

Black lives 1

The artist took the statement a little beyond just words.

Black lives 2

The Mayor, properly masked, speaking to residents and giving the Black Lives Matter iconography a little official touch.

The artist was present at the time; she wishes to remain anonymous.

The names written on the large white letters are the names of Canadian and American people.

The painting is acrylic base and will remain until mid September 2020.

Another Burlington inclusivity statement. When the city take the steps to ensure that affordable housing is built in the city we will have moved beyond statements.

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18 comments to Black Lives Matter iconography has been painted on the sidewalk in front of City Hall.

  • Alfred


    Sorry to be a fly in the ointment but the statistics and available info. don’t support your narrative. Please show us how you come up with these conclusions. White people in greater numbers also die at the hands of the police. Prison reform. Can you be more specific.

  • Tomy Bewick

    I’m extremely disappointed, but not surprised by some of these comments. We have a predominantly white city, where Black people are a marginalized minority, and people can’t understand why this is needed, or what it means. Black Lives Matter is a necessary statement when police brutality and racialized microaggressions run rampant. We are fortunate the local police do understand this and support initiatives to broaden understanding and respect for the Black community in Burlington and Halton. The statement that Black Lives Matter is a reaffirming of life; anyone taking it any other way is either completely missing the point on purpose, or obtuse. If you are complaining about tax dollars; but have never done anything for prison reform, if you are complaining about looting; but said nothing when innocent Black people were murdered at the hands of police, if you call it ‘propaganda’ you are living in a privileged disconnected reality where you have never had to witness the injustice first hand, and clearly don’t care about actual, real life, Black people. This is a step towards actual accountability in leadership…. acting like it’s anything but; just shows your racism.

    • david barker


      Very well said. I am an anglo Saxon with a privileged background compared to the vast majority of the population. Nobody in Canada should have any difficulty in supporting the principles of the BLM movement – an end to all discrimination, but notably against black, indigenous and other minorities (not just races), an end to any police violence against those sectors of society or targeting them for attention.,

  • Janice Jones

    Ridiculous. Now the tax payers have to pay to have it removed. How can the mayor and councillors endorse such foolish propaganda. I voted for MMW and Lisa K. Will definitely not be doing that in the next election if they run. I think it’s a total disgrace.
    As mentioned above. All lives matter.

    • Phillip Wooster

      Sadly, MMW, Nisan, Stolte, Lisa are all “woke” members at City Hall–they arrogantly believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I can’t believe I was deceived into voting for two of these people but I won’t be fooled in the next election.

      • Eve St Clair

        Well said and I agree 100 % One term Mayor and council

      • david barker

        Sad, reactionary, conservative (small c) stance.

        I believe you are in a very small minority, which will be demonstrated at the next municipal election.

        But you are entitled to your opinion and to voice it.

  • Alfred

    What does BLM even mean in Burlington or in Canada and what does this hope to bring on. A race war?

  • Doug P

    Promoting a terrorist organization that is anti police, is not a organization our City should be promote. Council with it’s woke mantality is a disgrace, how HRPS can also promote this organization is very puzzling. I am sure most people of colour in Burlington do not want to be associated with rioters/ looters, unfortunately BLM has taken on a new not so peaceful identity.

    • david barker

      Hmmmm ! Douglas. I don’t think BLM is designated by any body here in Canada as a terrorist organization. I suggest most people who have shown support for blm (note lower case) do so to associate themselves with the principal that the lives & wellbeing of black, indigenous and minorities should be treated with the same respect afforded to the white majority.other and not be discriminated against or maltreated by police forces. You are right people generally do not want to be associated with rioters, looters or any other criminal activity. Have you seen that sort if criminal behaviour occuring here in Canada? As to the US, I suggest that most if not all of the criminal element are not associated with BLM but are using its protests as cover for their activities. But if you have proof to the contrary, let’s hear it pease.

  • Rob Allan

    Face masks matter?

  • Penny Hersh

    ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Let’s see if Council does more than simply have someone paint some letters on a sidewalk?

  • Jim Barnett

    This as a racist statement, primarily used as political propaganda. All lives matter!

  • Ben

    Totally ridiculous to allow this in our City !

  • Sid

    I worked at the city and it is one of the most white heterosexual workplaces I’ve ever been at. There is a sincere lack of representation in senior management of people of colour – research and you’ll see. The city also never did anything to promote diversity to staff internally. It’s all talk and little action. Great job mayor for this menial media op, give yourself a pat on the back (eye roll). In fairness, no other mayor did much to move the agenda on this either which is disappointing.

    • david barker

      So you are giving the Mayor an eye roll for at least bring attention to this issue. Man, you are harsh !

  • J Kemp

    Do you call this art ? What a waste of paint !
    Everyone matters.
    Who gave the okay to paint these words on our street?