Board of education announces that is has leased a school it is about to close.

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May 4th, 2018



A media release from the Halton District School Board:

“At the May 2, 2018 meeting, trustees of the Halton District School Board passed a motion to temporarily lease Lester B. Pearson High School to the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) beginning November 1, 2018. This request from the HCDSB serves as temporary accommodation for Assumption Catholic Secondary School students during the school’s upcoming renovation expected to begin in late 2018.

“This temporary lease of the school by the HCDSB will commence on November 1, 2018 to prepare the school for student accommodation during the second semester. The term of the lease will end on August 31, 2019.

“This provides a responsible use of the school facilities until the Halton District School Board determines the future use of the school property according to Ontario Regulation 444/98. The leasing of this school property to another school board is not precedent setting. The Halton District School Board has leased school facilities to other school boards in the past on a temporary basis.

“Lester B. Pearson High School will be closing at the end of June 2018 with students moving to nearby M.M. Robinson High School.”

There was not a word of public debate on this matter during the May 2nd Board of trustees meeting.

The Board meets in closed session for a period of time before each public meeting. They pass motions during those private meetings and debate in private.

What the public got to hear was a motion that approved all the motions about a “property matter”done in the closed session. And then the next day the releases of a media notice.

And that was the extent of what the elected trustees had to say.

At each Board of Education meeting there is a report from the Director of Education – he didn’t say a word either.

trustees 2018

Halton District School Board trustees in session

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7 comments to Board of education announces that is has leased a school it is about to close.

  • John Paul

    Previously, the school boards were accused of not trying to share space and got criticized. Now they do share space and are criticized for that. You people are unbelievable. It’s the same handful of you that just feed off each other. You need new hobbies.

  • George

    Closing Lester B Pearson high school was a swindle!

    The more you look into the process of closing of Lester B Pearson and leasing the school to Assumption you will realize this was a “Swindle” of the community by the Halton District School Board (HDSB), the HDSB Trustees and the HDSB Director of Education and enabled by the Wynne Provincial Government policies.

    Remember this on June 7th, 2018 Provincial Elections and October 22, 2018 Municipal Elections.

  • Parent

    If after August 31, 2019 Hayden is as over crowded as people fear it could remain/ become could HDSB reopen Lester B. Pearson High School, with nearby Hayden students?

    After collecting lease money HDSB could reopen Pearson then at that point give Pearson a new name then take credit for opening a brand new school!

    Count the growing number of portables at Hayden, or try to count the number of available parking spots at Hayden, any school day.

    • Sharon

      The HDSB does not care how overcrowded Haydon is. They don’t care that classes take place in hallways. They don’t care that students are forced to eat their lunch in the public library. They don’t care that there are 8 portables with 6 more going in. They don’t care that there is parking for the public to utilize the library or on weekends for sports.

      The HDSB does NOT CARE!!!

      Please remember this on October 22nd!!

  • Allen Jones

    Great question! Answer: Because they can!!!!

  • Diane

    One wonders, if all was above board, and this was a viable option for what would be an empty building as of July 1/18, why did this need to be discussed during a private vs. public session?

    • Cheryl

      Right Dianne. Isn’t this a public school board?? Does that not mean it’s public? !!!? This sounds stinky at every level that this decision needed to be made in private session you’re kidding me right?!!!