Book of Best Wishes celebrating the birthday of the fourth in line as monarch of Canada to be set out in Spencer Smith Park Canada Day

Event 100By Pepper Parr

June 29th


There will be tens of thousands of people strolling along the promenade of Spencer Smith Park on Canada Day as we celebrate our 147 year of existence as a country.

And what a marvelous country we have.  We are a wealthy country and we are a free country able to elect who we want to represent us and lead us.  Two home grown examples are the seven candidates running in ward 6 and the decision of the voters in Burlington to end more than 70 years of Progressive Conservative rule – with a shot being fired from something as small as a pea shooter.

Contrast that to the hundreds, make that thousands, who are being killed, to day, now, in far off countries.  There are a reported five million people in refugee camps in the Middle East because they cannot go home – there homes were destroyed or they face death if they do return.

RR BBW spine of DEMO

Spine of the classically bound book of Best Wishes for Prince George.

Tuesday is expected to be a sunny day – so when you stroll along the edge of Lake Ontario – revel in how fortunate we are and realize that the freedom you have was earned by men and woman who paid the ultimate price.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy. This means that the powers of the monarchy in Canada are limited by the Constitution. The Constitution is a set of basic principles, laws and rules that explain the powers and duties of the government and the rights and freedoms of the citizens. Our formal head of state is a monarch. Our monarch is now Elizabeth II, who is also the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Final banner

Seven foot banner that will be on the Spencer Smith Park promenade on Canada. It will be hard to miss.

A group of Burlington citizens came up with the idea of creating a Book of Best Wishes that would be available for everyone to sign and convey their Best Wishes to the Prince on his birthday.

Thousands of citizens have already signed and provided a greeting.  Monday evening, members of Council will sign the Book of Best Wishes.  City staff will have an opportunity to sign the Book which will be at city hall during the day on Monday the 30th.

Book mark V2 bigger type

Commemorative bookmark for those who sign the Book of Best Wishes.


On Canada Day the Book of Best Wishes will be set up in a booth on the waterfront  where anyone passing by can sign.  You won’t be able to miss the seven foot high banner.  Everyone who signs the Book of Best Wishes will be given a commemorative bookmark.

When the pages have been bound the book will be taken by Burlington MP Mike Wallace to Rideau Hall, the home of the Governor General who will have it transported to Kensington Palace, where the Prince currently lives with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

RR BBW cover with gold

Cover of the leather bound 14 x 11 inch Book of Best Wishes that will be delivered to the Prince on his first birthday.

The group that started this initiative will be organized as a trust – the Burlington Royal Reading Trust, that will exist until the day the Prince dies. Given the length of time his Great Great Grandmother lived Burlingtonians can expect to be signing a Book of Best Wished well into the next century.  Queen Elizabeth, the wife of King George VI, known as the Queen Mother in her later years visited Canada many times.  Canadians, can expect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit Canada frequently.  When do you think the Prince and his parents will come to Burlington?

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  • Victoria


    Will you be at the Burlington Central Library with the ‘Book of Best Wishes’ in early July as you were on Saturday June 28th?

    Thank you,