Brand name is used to entice the greedy and the vulnerable who could quickly become broke.

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January 4th, 2017



When you see a well-known brand name you feel confident and you might read an email that came from that company.

Any email from someone you do not know – is an email you should treat with suspicion.


The head line talks about money – the greedy get pulled in by this. The content is quite different – the offer of a job, The pdf file is probably filled with malware that will do you great harm. If you don’t know the sender – don’t open the pdf and don’t respond.

The following came to us today:

“We are looking for receiving payment agent personal who will act as medium of reach between our customers and us. Their job is to receive payment from our customers within your country, Annual income:$24,000USD and 10% of any payment received from our clients.

“Our company will pay you $24,0000 as annual income, and you will get 10% of any payment you receive on behalf of our company.

Identity theft - many faces

Millions of dollars are stolen by thieves who want access to your identity.

“Please send us your personal information if you are interested. Names:Age: Telephone No:Sex:Occupation:Country:Bank Name:
email me at E-Mail:”

There were so many red flags with this email  the number of zeros in the dollar amount.  The headline bears little relationship to the content.  They used the brand name Kraft to catch your attention.

These thieves target the greedy and the vulnerable who get to add “broke” to how they are described.  Don’t be one of them.

If you don’t know the person who sent the email – don’t open it.getting new - yellow

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