Brand names catch our eye - we tend to trust them. look twice before responding.

Crime 100By Pepper Parr

March 20th, 2017



If your household is anything like mine the Netflix subscription is key to whatever time there is for home entertainment or the occasional binge on a series you just learned about.

Lie to Me keeps me away from the writing – I tend to take in three or four episodes at a time

So when an email showed up saying there was a glitch in renewing the subscription I pay close attention, I didn’t want to be cut off.

I use a prepaid credit card for everything I buy online; that allows me to limit any loss that might occur should someone manage to actually get their mitts on the way I pay for things.

I thought maybe I had forgotten to top up the amount on the card.

If you don’t know what a prepaid credit card is – talk to your bank manager. A safe proof way to protect your real credit and at the same time limit any loss.

I have taught myself to look at the url on every piece of email that comes in related to money.

The url is the the name of the address the email came from.  In his instance it read:  (EXPLAIN)

Take a look at the url on this example: Netflix <> Anyone could have made up that email address.  You could go on line now and create an email address that reads

Netflix scam part 2

This notice was not from Netflix; it was from someone who wanted me to click on that blue line which would direct me to a website where they could begin milking me for personal identity information. Don’t get pulled into things like this – look at the url


This is a legitimate Netflix email url: Netflix <>

This was a scam – you can teach yourself the same little tricks and keep your bank happy at the same time.

Few people have any idea how much time the banks have to spend handling the return o funds that were taken illegally from an account. That plus the money that have to pay out.

The cardinal rule is this: If in doubt – don’t.  And if it looks to good to be true – it usually isn’t true.  Trust your instincts and reign in the greed all of us have.

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