Brant Museum transformation on time - official opening summer of 2019.

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September 25th, 2018



The transformation of the Joseph Brant museum is coming along just fine. The construction work is on time and the target of an opening in 2019 should be met.

Site Sept 24-18

Construction of the transformed Brant Museum well underway.

The replica of the original house has been shifted around the site several times.  It is now where it will eventually rest – just a little positioning to get the front of the house facing in the direction that has it overlooking the lake.

Site house Sept 24-18

The house will sit on top of the new museum that is being built underground.


Architectural rendering of what the completed transformation of the Brant museum is expected to look like.

The house will not be a part of the museum the public will be able to visit.  It will be used for museum staff and administrative purposes.

Few people know that the building of a replica of the original house that was destroyed by fire was slipped into a fund that was in place for the construction of the original Queen Elizabeth Way. T.B. McQueston was a Liberal Minister at the time who believed that gardens and good art should be a part of every public work.

The Museum will have a permanent exhibit of Joseph Brant lightnings and artifacts.

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1 comment to Brant Museum transformation on time – official opening summer of 2019.

  • Daphne

    Staff needs a whole building? Hopefully they have more artifacts than my last visit. Went once and never went back (and I love museums and history).