Brant Street beach safe for swimming; Beachway Park water not safe – a bummer on a long weekend.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON.  August 3, 2013.  This is certainly going to be a “get to the Beach” weekend.  Lake Ontario is beginning to warm up a bit and the water is described as safe in most places.

The Beachway Park water is described as unsafe – caution. There is certainly loads of beach space along that stretch of the lake.  Finding a spot to set up a shade awning and maybe setting up your hibachi won’t be easy and if you manage to find a parking spot along Lakeshore Road – good on you.  Keeping out of the water – or at least not staying in for long periods of time might be a good idea.  Very young children – not a good idea to have them in the water.

The Region is responsible for testing water and advising the public on whether or not it is safe to swim. 

The water at the foot of Brant is safe – the way to keep it that way is to not feed the geese.  If you put food in one end of the critters – you gotta know what is going to come out of the other end.  And that stuff comes out in the water, which is shallow  All that adds up to the high e-coli count that is reported.

The Beachway Park is on a part of the lake where wind directions change frequently – which results in different wave patterns.  It will be really difficult to keep children out of the water.  There are consequences if they do play in the water.

Enjoy the weekend.

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