Brian Heagle may not be eligible to run in ward 4

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 14th, 2017



It may not be news – but he did leave without saying goodbye.

Heagle in group with Boich looking on

The man on the far right, the late John Boich, saw Brian Heagle, the man on the far left as a natural politician. But then Heagle changed his political allegiance.

It was almost as if he was slipping out a side door and didn’t want anyone to know that he was leaving the party.

Brain Heagle, a former Queen’s University basketball star, once a candidate for the ward 4 city council seat, once the chosen one as a Liberal candidate for the Burlington seat and now a resident of Cambridge.

He was a regular on one of the Cogeco community TV programs.

And he was a partner in one of the city’s more prominent law firms.

Heagle was a flash point in Roseland. He created opinion and published it for his community. He carved out his own version of Burlington by creating a community organization that had boundaries slightly different than those of the traditional Roseland Community Organization.

Heagle graph

One never knew if there was any accuracy to the data collected but Heagle made a point most of the time.

He was an astute political observer and ran small mini-polls on what people were thinking.  His base, for the most part was Ward 4.  What he got back in a poll done a number of months ago may have been a bit of a jolt for the city’s political elite.

He was not a fan of the Maranatha project that is now nearing its final height on New Street.

Brian was Brian – he had a way of coming out of a corner with an opinion, a view point and a suggestion.

Wonder what he will do in Cambridge?

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7 comments to Brian Heagle may not be eligible to run in ward 4

  • Roger

    Brian, You can run but if you do not live in Ward 5 then I will not vote for you – hard to think of commitment with you live in Cambridge

    • Brian Heagle

      Roger, my above response about Pepper’s headline was tongue-in-cheek. However, your comment deserves a serious and helpful response.

      I have no intention of running in Ward 4, 5 or anywhere else in Burlington in the 2018 municipal election.

      Pepper must have been relying on alternative facts to suggest otherwise (not to mention his penchant for making assumptions and insinuations).

      If I was running, I would need to be at least 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen and – here’s the critical part – either a resident of Burlington (doesn’t include Cambridge – at least not yet!), or a property owner or tenant or the spouse or same sex partner of an owner or tenant in Burlington. Endorsements from 25 eligible voters and paying a fee are also needed to file a nomination form between May 1 and July 27, 2018.

      As you indicated, a candidate doesn’t have to live in a Ward to be its Councillor – but, I agree, hard to imagine voters supporting anyone living outside Burlington at the municipal level.

      Anyway, I hope the candidate qualifications are of interest to you, or anyone else looking in.

  • Russ Campbell

    Well said, Brian. Personally, I found the article a bit of stale news and ever so, mildly, mean spirited. You’ve been a credit to your old neighbourhood and your new one is fortunate to have you. Best regards.

  • Brian Heagle

    As for the headline, thanks for your concern about travel restrictions.

    Don’t worry. Not only can I run in Ward 4 – I’m also able to walk, saunter and drive.

    As for saying goodbye, please don’t feel slighted. I’m still here!

    Yes, my wife and I moved to Cambridge earlier this year (which I’ve shared with anyone who’s asked, and is also evident on my Facebook page). That may be new to you, but it’s getting old quickly.

    However, and to set the record straight, I continue to be a partner and work as a corporate lawyer in the Burlington office of our Halton firm. It’s been over twenty years now, and counting!

    My passion for and commitment to volunteering in Burlington also remains unchanged. That includes acting as a director of Burlington Seniors Community (a remarkable group with bold and important initiatives) and co-host of CogecoTV’s #TheIssue show (Tuesday nights at 8 PM).

    You didn’t mention I’m a shameless promoter of our great community.

    See you around!

    • Gil

      “…And he was a partner in one of the city’s more prominent law firms.”

      Brian, I hope someone let the sign company know you’re still around before they started taking your name down from the side of the building 🙂

  • CMG

    Do you mean an “astute” political observer? Acute sounds a bit painful….