Bridgewater photo feature for the sidewalk superintendents - the project will change the face of the city.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 10th, 2016


The changing face of the city.

Brant hospital - under construction

This will become the face of the Joseph Brant hospital when it opens in 2017.

The Joseph Brant Hospital is beginning to look real – the ground has been broken for the Bridgwater development on Lakeshore Road where trucks are in and out in a matter of minutes as the excavation work gets done.

Parad 2nd flr forms Apr-16

The five tower Paradigm on Fairview street is on time – units will be occupied in towers A, B and C 2018.

The Paradigm project on Fairview next to the GO station is quickly rising. It won’t be much longer until the public can see the slabs being poured as they get to the 5th and 6th floor levels.

It will be a different city come 2018

The public can get a better sense of what the Bridgewater is going to look like as the caissons are put in place and the excavation work progresses – the foot print and the structures relationship to the street is becoming clearer.

For the sidewalk superintendent – here is how things are coming along:

Bridgewater - street edge May 2016

One can get s sense as to how the Bridgewater is going to relate to the street. The concrete barrier to the right is where the sidewalk will be – the pylons are where the edge of the building will rise out of the ground.

Bridgewater - eastern edge BEST May 2016

The eastern edge of the Bridgewater project – where the 22 storey condominium will be located – can be seen where the construction worker in the background is standing. Old Lakeshore Road is to the left.

Bridgewater Excavating May 2016 4+ trucks

Excavation involves a fleet of trucks taking earth out of the site.

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